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Sally Sighting #1


This is the first of several posts involving Sally Sightings, as me and my sisters call them.  The veil is “thin” after one passes, so I have been told, just as there are reportedly “thin spaces” in Ireland and oer’ the globe where the distance between Heaven and Earth flattens out, tenable.  Look!  You can grasp it in your hands if you try!     My sisters and I are ever on the lookout for my mother.  We have had several sightings.

Today’s Sally Sighting is brought to you by my mother-in-law, Winnie.  She ran out of dish detergent this afternoon and fished this out of the cabinet under her sink.  Ta da!

My father-in-law’s birthday is today.  (I am too afraid to tag him on Facebook or give him a love handle – Mr. Understanding Sr.? Mr. Whiff?).  He is 79.   Amen.  Winnie made him a gorgeous birthday cake, perfectly flat on top, caramel frosting surfaces uniformly smooth,  a light up thingamabob that looked like it belonged on the Vegas Strip blinking HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  When asked how Winnie achieved this architectural perfection, she told me her baking secret.  Sally would have LOVED it:  Cake pan strips.  Or, as I like to call them, Cake Pan Spanx.

My slice of cake was not thin but brought me closer to Heaven.   I was putting my fork in the sink when Winnie showed me the Radish.



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