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Thing 3 reminded me today, when I mentioned that I did not have to blog on a daily basis any longer, that the object of Lent was to CONTINUE one’s Lenten practice.  And to think she wasn’t paying attention!


Zero promises.

Today I was humbled by LaLopez’s comment on Last Words.  Let’s send up some love to Leona, her mother.   Each “grief journey” is unique and yet global.  Once you have been on one, you “get” it a lot more.  As an unknown wise person once said, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  LaLopez, by “cosmic coincidence” (her words) became Thing 2’s Other Mother.  A friendship to cherish.

God bless and good night.  MCVWasHere is Here.  REJOICE!  


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Chinese tears
Mixed with
American tears
Wear the cross &
Cry above the smog

Surly steward & ess
Business class stress,
Civility = union casualty.
The A330 held together but:
I’d rather ride a Boeing.

BBQ’d chicken and bad karaoke
Nephews at the knees
Mind-numbing vodka & T’s
Darling sandals with bees.
There’s no place like home.

Jet lag
Jet laaaag ….

But no …. it’s


Land on your feet.

Kohls, Old Navy, Best Buy,
Target run postponed [shocker!].
Red Robin, Olive Garden
Consumer confidence is high.
There’s still no place like home.

Delayed “adopter”: I-mac
24 inches of fun
Now I can see YouTube
From the suburbs of Madrid.
Congrats on the new liver, Steve!

Triple A & Safeco,
An insurance homerun –
Now we can drive in Spain.
Inflated egos, jacked on credit,
At least one chore done.

Clean the teeth with Dr. Jack
Fill the Chinese cavity
With a bit of melamine
Flossing prescribed for plaque
While I read People magazine

Poke, prod, palpate and feel
Bras forbidden on the treadmill
(I refuse to run).
Fish oil prescribed for plaque to
Prevent an executive heart attack.

I-movie for Father’s Day
Cute baby, Thing 1.
Home DVDs: ’94, ’96, ‘97
Cute babies, Things 1, 2, & 3
(Plus the maids I fired).

Girls in Tehran hide inside –
The chador’s coming off soon.
North Korea’s launching and
Jon + Kate +8 are toast.
There’s really no place like home.

Good-bye, good-bye,
My love is off again,
Blue blazer, boarding at Gate B.
Wear the cross &
Cry alone in the car.

The summer gauntlet stretches out
Shimmering like I-5:
Doctors, camp, catching up.
Do our schedules jive?
Email your number – I’m happy to be home.

Author’s disclaimer: this “poem” follows no known rules of rhyme or reason and was written entirely at the EPP’s whimsy. Consider yourselves caught up. Love you, Grandbear and Mr. Understanding!


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