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Green Tuesday

Today the December issue of National Geographic arrived in my mailbox. The title of the issue is: The Healing Power of Faith. A painting on an Italian fresco of St. Catherine, collapsing after receiving the stigmata, is featured on the cover. “Pilgrims visit her shrine in search of cures.”  Not Mary, but close.


Readers may recall that the Virgin Mary was featured on the December 2015 issue of Nat Geo.


Today, in honor of Giving Tuesday, instead of a shopping suggestion, here are a few charities who are matching donations:






Here are some others that are not matching (to my knowledge) but are also worthy of consideration!



hfotusa.org (Homes for our Troops)

Finally, my friend Mary is a missionary for this organization, the Congo Initiative, “ […] a Congolese-led, multicultural movement of people passionately committed to the flourishing of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We accomplish this through multiple initiatives rooted in Christian ethical principles that serve to transform lives and develop strong, indigenous leaders. As the people we serve are transformed, they become agents of hope and healing for all of Congolese society.”

Shhhhh …. don’t tell my kids, but they are getting part of a goat* for Christmas. That’s what I call a bang for a buck.** For my nephews, a subscription to National Geographic.




*Note to Martita: we have come full circle. Thanks to your in-laws for planting that mustard seed so long ago!

** a male goat over the age of one year old is actually called a buck!



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