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Awaken to the Truth

Working diligently on closing out the Arkansas chapter of my life (and yes, it’s still open), I leave you with the miracle of  Awaken with JP’s video Entitled How to Get Offended as I am busting my chops to get the hell out of the Fort.  Today’s short video is for all the people out there not reading my blog.  Sally did tell me to keep a sense of humor.  LOLZ!

Before becoming an internet comedic sensation, JP Sears earned his living as an emotional healing coach (think of it as a New Age priest or pastor).  You can read the entire article in Yoga Journal here or just embrace this nugget, ” … I look at humor as an alchemist—it has the ability to help transform energy, so when we carry experiences that are painful, when we begin to look at them through the lens of humor, how they feel and how we react to them and how we interpret them can change.”  True, that.

JP’s first book How to Become Ultra Spiritual comes out in March.  Already in the shopping cart!



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The Belt of Truth and the Sword of the Spirit

“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

What is unarmed truth and what does it look like?   Literal or metaphysical?  I think the final word is love.  It was also the first word.  But I am not sure about unarmed truth (see below).  Someone please explain!

Ephesians 6:10 – 7  says:

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For our[a] struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. 13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to withstand on that evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm. 14 Stand therefore, and fasten the belt of truth around your waist, and put on the breastplate of righteousness. 15 As shoes for your feet put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the gospel of peace. 16 With all of these,[b]take the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Get your word ON.   Do you have one or two for 2018?



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Champagne Soul


I started paying sufficient attention to the 5th Commandment sometime around Christmas, 2015.  Singing Joy to the World with my family, sandwiched between my parents in church, I thought to myself, “Absorb this moment.  It might not ever happen again.”  Indeed, it did not.  But I still have that moment, locked in my heart to TREASURE forever.  Was there a subconscious inkling?

I have pondered the notion of subconscious inklings for awhile now.  Like the fifth dimension, the purported “spacetime fabric” of physics, there is only indirect evidence of their existence but enough for me to believe.

The Fifth Commandment and a subconscious inkling perhaps led me to do a lot of things to which seemed preposterous at the time.   Like going on a fishing trip in Oregon with my parents last summer, another moment I treasure.    It was rather nuts to be squishing that trip in to all the other activity, but I persisted; I was on a mission.  My parents and I were able to walk down Memory Lane to the same sacred space we camped in 1972.

Likewise, Thing 3′s high school graduation party .  I know my mother thought I was out of my everliving mind to be having a party, especially on graduation day.  I can only say that some internal force insisted I give this party.  The party was, technically, somewhat of a disaster but we had a fabulous time nonetheless.  There was a reason for the absurdity, the thunderstorm, and the overturned taco truck – had I not had that party, my dear friends in the Buckeye state would not have met my mother Sally.  And then there was the New Year’s Eve party, which my mother joyfully attended, even though she thought I was bonkers.

In the Old Testament, we are commanded to honor our parents.  It does not command us to love them.  This comes from Jesus and the New Testament:  loving your God with all your soul, might and strength, and loving your neighbor as yourself.   Only the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can make you love anyone.  I am grateful I could do both, even if it took me my whole life.


The 5th Dimension provided the soundtrack for my early childhood and this blog post.  Let the Sunshine in.  It might be the Age of Aquarius.





























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Sally Sighting #1


This is the first of several posts involving Sally Sightings, as me and my sisters call them.  The veil is “thin” after one passes, so I have been told, just as there are reportedly “thin spaces” in Ireland and oer’ the globe where the distance between Heaven and Earth flattens out, tenable.  Look!  You can grasp it in your hands if you try!     My sisters and I are ever on the lookout for my mother.  We have had several sightings.

Today’s Sally Sighting is brought to you by my mother-in-law, Winnie.  She ran out of dish detergent this afternoon and fished this out of the cabinet under her sink.  Ta da!

My father-in-law’s birthday is today.  (I am too afraid to tag him on Facebook or give him a love handle – Mr. Understanding Sr.? Mr. Whiff?).  He is 79.   Amen.  Winnie made him a gorgeous birthday cake, perfectly flat on top, caramel frosting surfaces uniformly smooth,  a light up thingamabob that looked like it belonged on the Vegas Strip blinking HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  When asked how Winnie achieved this architectural perfection, she told me her baking secret.  Sally would have LOVED it:  Cake pan strips.  Or, as I like to call them, Cake Pan Spanx.

My slice of cake was not thin but brought me closer to Heaven.   I was putting my fork in the sink when Winnie showed me the Radish.


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My Cross to Bear

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I began what is called a “grief journey”.  My parents’ pastor said to start one about six weeks after the death of a loved one.  By this I think he meant to start going to a support group, once the shock had worn off.  But for me, a support group is not the answer at the moment.  Writing about my mother is.  For I have come to the realization that my mother and I communicated through writing as much as through speaking, and perhaps more meaningfully so.  To wit, I have found some of my childhood and teenage notes to my mother which are at once painful, hilarious, truthful.  Mortifying.  Oddly, honoring Sally this way dovetails nicely with the Lenten season.  Planned?

New readers to the blog should note that we all use “love handles”.  Please feel free to pick your own should you leave a comment.  Otherwise, I might do it for you.

If you are joining me on this “grief journey”, we are packing lightly.    Jesus advised to only take “bag, belt, and sandals”*, relying on the goodness of others’ and the Holy Spirit to provide the rest.  As this was one of the central messages of my petite Camino de Santiago, it has never been more apparent to me, both materially and spiritually.  But for now, sweet readers, please remember that between the Radish and me there was no baggage.  Our hearts were are peace with one another.  Does it get better than this?

So, when I write about broccoli I am not writing from a place of condemnation but of genuine love.

I am the child that does not like cruciferous vegetables.  You would think a Jesus lover would.   Per Wikipedia, “The family takes its alternate name (Cruciferae, New Latin for “cross-bearing”) from the shape of their flowers, whose four petals resemble a cross.”  But no, the smell of them is so noxious to me that I become nauseous, swooning with the vapors.  I could never convince my mother, who ate everything, that this was a biological reaction, one induced by a complicated set of factors stemming from my lack of a certain enzyme (her fault or my father’s?).  I even provided her with a scientific article** detailing this deficiency, one that afflicts enough of a percentage of the population that it needed to be studied.


Above is a photo by The Radish featuring a cabbage and a freshly baked loaf of bread.

I am also the child who nearly passes out at a fish market.  Growing up, one of my worst fears was to have to sit in the main dining room of Lazio’s, a combined fish processing plant and restaurant.  It was where all the travelers passing through Eureka ate seafood.  (Eureka was never a destination, just a passing through kind of town – this was in the days before TripAdvisor!)


I would beg my parents to eat in the bar, where the smell of fish would not annihilate the smell of my hamburger.  The Shirley Temple with the cunning little plastic mermaid draped over the side was the sole*** reason I survived these visits to Lazio’s.  That I lived in four foreign countries wherein salted cod was a primary staple is an irony not lost on me.

Yet my mother never gave up on me.  Hope sprang eternal for her vis a vis her daughters, her husband, her friends and family.

Just as my mother didn’t give up on my tastebuds she never gave up on her quest for my sisters’ to cut their hair.  My mother liked short hair on women and my father long.  Ever the mother pleaser, I have mostly worn my hair in a chin length bob, which seemed to be a happy compromise [please refer to my post of nearly a decade ago here].Each of us sisters has a childhood photo with us sporting a bowl type haircut.  Again,  mortifying.

Shortly after my mother’s funeral, I said to my sister MCV Was Here, “Just think, now you never ever have to worry about how short to cut your hair!  Mother is forever pleased!”

To which she responded, “You know, I was just thinking I should cut off all my hair.”

“@#$%^&* NO!!!!,” I said, “It was not your best look!”

This is what grief does to one, wanting to go to great or short lengths to please one’s mother even after she has passed on.   Say what?  Yes.  Irrational thoughts seize one’s mind.  As colloquial wisdom says, one should not make any big decisions for after a year of a loved one’s passing.  This includes cutting off one’s hair, even if it would arguably make one travel lighter, and readdressing the issue of cruciferous vegetables.

I leave you with my mother’s recipe for brussel sprouts, a.k.a. gag balls, which she lifted from the food website and a recent photo of Sally at the hairdresser’s.   Peace on your journey today.



*Matthew  10:10; Mark 6:9; Luke 10:4 [Synoptic Gospels].

**ironically, provided by my friend Broccolibooksandbed.  Click here to read for yourself.

***superbad pun, couldn’t help myself.


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Light Her Up



The latest apparitions of the Virgin Mary occurred in Assiut, Eygpt, on August 17, 2000. The Holy Family is thought to have stopped here on their way home.  You can read a news article, strangely dated September 11, from ABC News here.    These apparitions appeared above the church (see photo above).  You can watch a YouTube video here – I think the onlookers are chanting.

I am struck by the circle of stars over the church – they remind me of the Miraculous Medal.

Although I am learning a lot about Mary, this has been a true Lenten challenge.  I should be doing this at the beginning of the day but sometimes it happens right before bed.  I am not tired of the subject but maybe you are?  Maybe you are feeling you really wandered into the desert this time?

Herewith concludes Day 21.

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Day 16

Today’s readings in the Episcopal Church included the phrase A LAND OF  MILK AND HONEY.  SERPENTS were also featured.   Cue the Twilight Zone music.

It is late and I almost forgot to post.  I have no good ideas for the title, hence, herewith concludes ….

P.S.  I watched 5 minutes of the Oscars and was BORED.  Thoughts?


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