Dear Reader: I  was an “expat” for seventeen years, raising three children in four different countries – Mexico, Brazil, China, and now Spain – with my husband “Mr. Understanding”. I finally moved to Ohio, then Arkansas, and now I am living in limbo in Florida.   I love America. It is the best country in the world. I am also profoundly grateful for all the experiences, good and bad, that each of my host countries has provided. I am a lawyer but have never been employed in that capacity; family management is my profession. Sometimes it is more than I can handle!  WAY MORE.


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  1. Laura Lopez

    I have to print all of this out and read it. I’m hooked already!


  2. Thank you! This is a high compliment from a woman who can paint her nails perfectly while on a treadmill. Do I have that right?

  3. Louise

    I always knew you’d write a book! I feel like I may be reading your first few chapters. I’m not sure how a blog works (result of spending too much time with 1st graders, I’m sure) but I am going to allow you to educate me as I am amused.
    You are truly amazing. Love to the family.

  4. Thank you, Louise! Alas, the book is not written yet. It will sit in its current state until I figure out what to do with it. I just reread your Christmas letter yesterday as I finally assembled my bulletin board of photos. You have my eternal respect wrangling first graders! Love to your family too!

  5. bananajo

    Please, please, please post a photo of you and Mr Understanding in full costume. I need to know where the feathers were. And if Mr & Mrs U wore dental floss. Get one of your switched-on kids to photo-chop off your heads. I see Mr U has read about your spending. Remember, you’re worth it 🙂 Couldn’t help noticing you used the expression “to my way of thinking” which, scarily, was my Grandmother’s favourite. What does that say about you I wonder??! Can’t wait to read about all your traumas when you move East, bound to be loads of course! Sorry, but we both know it’s true…

  6. Dear Expat Princess,

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  7. Jen

    Great blog! I quoted you at livingdominica.blogspot.com!

  8. Excellent blog, keep up the good work. Have you moved to China yet?

  9. Nice blog!Im sorry your hineness.

  10. HappyinHMB

    Great to hear from you and of your latest adventures!

  11. Happy in HMB: thanks for writing in!!!

  12. Hi Expat Princess,

    Just a long-overdue follow up as to whether you still wanted to proceed with your listing (ages ago) to be on our Expat Women Blog Directory?

    If not, please drop me a quick line so I can remove your submission from the database.

    If yes, please put a reciprocal link to our site on your blog and drop me a line, so I can approve your listing.

    Thank you!!

    Andrea Martins
    Director, ExpatWomen.com

  13. M

    Hello, your highness!

    Ever since my husband hinted at the possibility of moving to Brazil a few months ago, I’ve been reading as much as I can about what to expect…and lurking on your site in the process. But, only today did I read in a comment about when you left Brazil that you lived in Campinas…the very city that is inevitable to be our new home for a few years!! Joy! I’ve found tons of info on SP and Rio, but barely anything current on Campinas! Once you have a moment (!), I would greatly appreciate your insight on a few questions or point me in the direction of where to find some answers.

    Safe travels and happy packing to you and yours!

    P.S. Belated thanks for keeping me entertained the past few months! 🙂

  14. maria

    tell M how nice Campinas can be….specially with some caipirinhas or spending a day in Daslu and Hyatt spa……
    happy days….

  15. M: LOVE THE LURKERS! I can hook you up with a great dentist and samba-ista! Please email your questions to me at: expatprincessinchina@gmail.com. Steer clear of a real estate agent named “Junior” – my first piece of advice, which you can confirm with SmartAlecAngela, another one of his victims. Find the right house and you will love the ‘Pinas!

  16. M

    Thanks, so much, Princess! I emailed you a laundry list of questions (no rush!) and so relieved to know they have dentists and samba-istas down there! Crossed those off the list! 😉

  17. Michelle: I accidentally deleted your comment as spam! Write back again with your details, please! I may be able to help.

  18. Applesauce

    Dear ExPatPrincess: maybe you need the help of the girl-who-lives-in-your-beach-house – she’s a great organizer!

    What color is your new decor?

  19. Applesauce

    P.S. Thing 1 is ALWAYS welcome at our house…depending on the school she
    chooses, I can also connect her with a relative in DC…writers…libs, but they’re nice!

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