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My Mother, My Hair

My mother, known as the Radish to the blogging world, said two things to me recently, one comment in person, and one long distance over the phone, that really made me laugh they were so motherly. 1) “You know how … Continue reading


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My Cross to Bear

Dear Readers, Yesterday I began what is called a “grief journey”.  My parents’ pastor said to start one about six weeks after the death of a loved one.  By this I think he meant to start going to a support group, once … Continue reading


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Re-invention, A Mother’s Necessity?

Moving from place to place, from country to country especially, the trailing spouse is offered the opportunity to reinvent themselves. One can change their name, their hairstyle, their spending habits. One can be the cookie-baking mother, the swears-like-a-sailor mother, the … Continue reading


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Mother & Child Reunion

I tried to write this yesterday morning about just my mother but it felt like an obituary so I trashed the entry. Maybe it is the jet lag. This entry isn’t much better frankly, but here it goes. For the … Continue reading


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Good Gifts

Warning:  this post gets worse before it gets better.  I PROMISE a laugh at the end, even if you might cry with me in the beginning. **************************** Sally and I were born on the same day, 26 years apart.  As … Continue reading


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The Canvas Can Do Miracles

When my mother Sally was in the ICU after her heart surgery in December, 2016, she was assigned to  Night Nurse Joey.  Joey, although American, was born in the Philippines.  This was enough for Sally, in her somewhat confused state, … Continue reading


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Paper Thin Veil

Let me take you back to that “thin place”. The day after my mother passed, my father, sisters and I sat in the living room alternately weeping and planning.   It had to have been around mid afternoon.   The priest … Continue reading


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Whew. Thursday, December 8, was the Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the day nine months before Mary’s “birthday” of September 8, which is called the Feast of the Nativity.  According to Catholic dogma approved in 1854, the Virgin Mary … Continue reading


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True Story (#2)

    Last September, at about the same time as Thing 1’s migraine was ramping up, my hairdresser, Miss Responsibility, had to have emergency abdominal surgery. The doctors were not quite sure what they were going to find. Tumors were … Continue reading


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Yankee Doodle Dandy

Sometimes the universe just hands you blog posts, somehow knowing one is under the gun and over committed. Rather than watch Ice Cube  (?) in a prison movie last night, I made Mr. Understanding channel surf.  Thanks be to God, Predator was … Continue reading

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Trifecta: Big Magic, Never Again Is Now, and Thanksgiving

There is so much going on in the world that it is hard to know where to start this blog post so I am breaking  it down into shorter, more digestible bites for the Thanksgiving holiday.  There are three parts, … Continue reading


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Candy Land

This week at Homework Club my task was to converse in English with the adult women who accompanied their children.  Ethiopian, Eritrean, Mexican.  Most speak a pretty solid basic English.  Vocabulary is what is needed.  To that end, we got … Continue reading


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Words to Live By – A Meditation

Sometimes when a phrase or word pops up in different situations in quick succession in my life, it is a sign  I need to pay attention to those words.  The word(s) for me recently, this week  especially, were “my story”.   … Continue reading


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And It Goes Like This

Por fin!  Here I am, Mahou beer in hand after a trip to my least favorite hospital for an MRI for Thing 2, getting down to business.  The last few months have truly been a blur, like I have been … Continue reading


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Interview with Viking Queen: Seattle Inc.

I am writing this in the waiting room for Thing 1 cardiology appointments at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. (Many of my life’s stories converge in Baltimore.) Two weekends ago, Stephanie, my law school buddy, met me at Nordstrom for … Continue reading


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