Mother’s Day – Good Gifts #3


The above painting is one I had commissioned by Charleston, SC artist Joyce Harvey as a gift to myself.  I was not expecting it to be finished in time for Mother’s Day!  (More on Joyce in a future post).  It represents me and my sisters.  It was inspired by a painting called “The Happy Tomato” done by my sister in law, Dr. Skin.

I know you are all thinking that today will be hard for me.  It will be.  Today is my first motherless Mother’s Day.  It is also the 4 month anniversary of my mother’s passing.

In spite of that, today I choose to REJOICE! that I had such a fine mother, who gave me, along with my father, two wonderful sisters.  They have sustained me mightily during this period.  It is a shared grief and that makes it more tolerable.  I also have a wonderful mother-in-law, Winnie, who gave me by ever-patient husband Mr. Understanding (he lives up to his name) and whose gentle presence has helped me heal.   When I go to church today with my father Big Mike, I will REJOICE in his excellent taste in women; without him, there would be no mother.   He too has been instrumental in my healing.

Finally, I give thanks today for the lumpy, bumpy, large and mugwumpy body that gave me three beautiful Things.  They are glorious.  Without a whole lot of loving Understanding, I would not be a mother.

The grieving for today was done earlier in the week and I am looking forward to homemade lemon blueberry buttermilk ricotta pancakes  and an afternoon reading on the beach.  It is a beautiful day and this is exactly what I want to do.  May yours be equally satisfying, joyful, and glorious.




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5 responses to “Mother’s Day – Good Gifts #3

  1. Janet Daly

    Love! Thinking of you today, enjoy, rejoice❤

  2. Donna

    Amidst our own events and issues of the past week or so, my mind has often turned to you girls with this day coming up.
    You are all truly blessed to celebrate and grieve with each other for such a fabulous mom. Not having those siblings myself to do so made it a long and lonesome journey. It still is at times. So I hope today you will be able to speak with each other and tell funny Sally stories, for there are many, I know! Give Big Mike a hug for me today and tell him we will see him in August!

  3. Nittany Kitten


  4. raftbuddy

    Love this and love you! Hope you had a fabulous day!

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