Hand Blocked


I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me why my mother saved an envelope of clothing labels.  Is this something one Kon Mari’s?  It is evident they were her mother’s.  Some tell a tale of travel: Kay O’ Kauai and Rita Tillett of Las Brisas in Acapulco.

What Would Sally Do?  I ask this question a lot.  Sometimes there’s an answer but not today.




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5 responses to “Hand Blocked

  1. Lisa

    Clearly a quilt made of the labels is in order!

  2. Donna

    Love these! Your Grandmere was well-heeled indeed. Do you think Sally was thinking of doing a collage or quilt?

  3. Mike

    She saved them because they were a tangible connection with her mother.

  4. raftbuddy

    Would make a wonderful, faux, “Victorian cigar silk pillow”. Google image it.

  5. krykry

    They are gorgeous! A shadow frame is in order… XO.

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