Sorry, Sisters

My mother Sally wore red shoes to my baptism and her mother’s funeral.  Scroll to the end.  All of my grandparents are featured in the link below.  The beginning explains my thighs ….  sigh ….  but not my big head.

Brought to you by my father and iMemories.  

Viva El Rabano!





Filed under Family, Life, Religion, Spanish vocabulary, Traditions

2 responses to “Sorry, Sisters

  1. raftbuddy

    I love the red shoes, but mostly I loved seeing you as a baby and your mom and dad so young! So many questions! Who was the toddler who gets tackled by the unknown football players (was that also you?). Who is the woman with something on her shoe? Your mom? A grandmother? Hard to tell from a distance. What is going on at the beginning of that? Was I watching a blurry deer?? SO great!

  2. MCVwasHere

    I had to re-watch several times! I have questions similar to Raft Buddy. Can’t wait for Big Mike to illuminate!!

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