Smooth Criminal or Just Plain Bad?

Dear Readers,

You have been SO KIND.  THANK YOU.

In today’s politically correct, frequently absurd climate, laughter is the only antidote.  So I pray you will take these family photos in the spirit in which they are offered and just marvel.

Before there was Michael Jackson, there was Sally Calligan.

Here is a photo from our 1971 Christmas card photo shoot:


Compare and contrast with the photo of MJ and Blanket below:


Next we have a classic underage drinking photo.  Note MoodRingMomma enjoying her first (?) sip of Coors:



Finally, we have a photo from the 1979? Arcata Halloween Parade.  An annual event, citizens of Arcata, California  lawfully assembled and flew their freak flags in honor of the pagan holiday.  I present to you my younger sisters, MCV and MoodRingMomma, as dreaded fruit flies.  In the late Seventies and Early Eighties, California experienced a Medfly infestation. Northbound travelers on Highway 101 were stopped at the Oregon border for inspections.  Woe to the one with the banana!  Talk about your stop and fruit frisk!  Today an errant strawberry would be granted in-state tuition but back in the day it was swiftly deported.


What is particularly endangering about this photo?  The homemade costumes complete with shower caps?  The cheery pests?  Or, the open tailgate???

MCV asked me last night, after I texted her the photo, why no one had advocated on her behalf.  Who, exactly, was on duty?  Who was to save her from the weirdness?

My reply:  “This was Humboldt County in the Seventies.  Pretty much no one was on duty.  And in the scheme of things, this was just edgy, not weird.  Certainly not out of place.”

Notice:  I am not in evidence.

I would also like to point out that, with the exception of the beer, all of the ideas were Sally’s.  This, frankly, is just the tip of the ice berg.

So, was The Radish a Smooth Criminal or merely just Bad?  Listen to Michael Jackson and decide for yourself.  Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough.














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8 responses to “Smooth Criminal or Just Plain Bad?

  1. moodringmama

    Dying. Mere and I can laugh so hard at the fruit fly parade memory I pee myself. Every time.

  2. moodringmama

    Btw – those were Grandma’s turbans, not swim caps. 😂

  3. moodringmama

    Also – not Halloween; it was AHS Homecoming parade!

  4. Kirk Cohune

    California St house , the green Toyota, all memories flooding back now. I particularly remember the Chevy van with wall to wall carpeting and Rosemary Clooney on the eight track and Aunt Sally at the wheel. Love the open window xmas card that’s crazy

  5. MCVwasHere

    Sister, this was no Halloween parade. This was YOUR homecoming parade!! You were being driven around in your own convertible. We fruit flys were in between pop warner football teams!!

  6. raftbuddy

    This is just my favorite thing, ever.

  7. raftbuddy

    Also, what are sisters for, if not to be family fact checkers for each other? I love it!

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