Pre-Easter Pastels

Today I am posting some of my mother’s pastel portraits.

This was the non-winning portrait of the Jane Pauley Christmas Card, Sally’s favorite of the entries.  This portrait now sits in my parents’ garage – it was one of my Sally Sightings, found during a tornado watch shortly after her death.



Here is the Blue Ribbon winner, a portrait of a niece.  Technically, the judges were correct but as I like the subject matter above, it is also my winner.




This is a portrait of my maternal grandmother, Susie, which Sally painted from a photograph.


Likewise, the Self-Portrait with Spouse.







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7 responses to “Pre-Easter Pastels

  1. Donna

    What treasures these are! Quite a resemblance of Sally and her mother.

  2. Winnie

    Love them all!

  3. MCVwasHere

    Love!! They are all so great. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Susan

    Was that Lynn?

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