Champagne Soul


I started paying sufficient attention to the 5th Commandment sometime around Christmas, 2015.  Singing Joy to the World with my family, sandwiched between my parents in church, I thought to myself, “Absorb this moment.  It might not ever happen again.”  Indeed, it did not.  But I still have that moment, locked in my heart to TREASURE forever.  Was there a subconscious inkling?

I have pondered the notion of subconscious inklings for awhile now.  Like the fifth dimension, the purported “spacetime fabric” of physics, there is only indirect evidence of their existence but enough for me to believe.

The Fifth Commandment and a subconscious inkling perhaps led me to do a lot of things to which seemed preposterous at the time.   Like going on a fishing trip in Oregon with my parents last summer, another moment I treasure.    It was rather nuts to be squishing that trip in to all the other activity, but I persisted; I was on a mission.  My parents and I were able to walk down Memory Lane to the same sacred space we camped in 1972.

Likewise, Thing 3′s high school graduation party .  I know my mother thought I was out of my everliving mind to be having a party, especially on graduation day.  I can only say that some internal force insisted I give this party.  The party was, technically, somewhat of a disaster but we had a fabulous time nonetheless.  There was a reason for the absurdity, the thunderstorm, and the overturned taco truck – had I not had that party, my dear friends in the Buckeye state would not have met my mother Sally.  And then there was the New Year’s Eve party, which my mother joyfully attended, even though she thought I was bonkers.

In the Old Testament, we are commanded to honor our parents.  It does not command us to love them.  This comes from Jesus and the New Testament:  loving your God with all your soul, might and strength, and loving your neighbor as yourself.   Only the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can make you love anyone.  I am grateful I could do both, even if it took me my whole life.


The 5th Dimension provided the soundtrack for my early childhood and this blog post.  Let the Sunshine in.  It might be the Age of Aquarius.






























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4 responses to “Champagne Soul

  1. Donna

    Loved this one so much MK. I am glad Sally’s gift for story telling was passed on and magnified to you.

  2. raftbuddy

    OMG! The Fifth Dimension! Thanks for always letting the sunshine in…

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