Sunday Driving on a Thursday


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My parents lived near the Skagit Valley for over a decade. They grew up in an era of “Sunday Drives”.  As children, Mike and Sally used to trundle us girls out to the car and take us on  aimless country drives (we were not much of hikers).  I did not particularly appreciate staring out the window at cows and the occasional lamb.  As an adult, I know better.  Traveling by car, one connects with the landscape in a more intimate way than by air.

The drive from Camano Island to Laconner is one of the most beautiful Sunday Drives one can ever take.  If you go in the summer, make sure to stop by the Snow Goose Produce for a ginormous ice cream cone, fresh vegetables, and zinnias.  Now the fields are full of tulips.

Mr. Understanding and I recently enjoyed watching the Netflix series Versailles.  On her death bed Princess Henriette, Louis the 14th’s sister in law, proclaims, “The flowers are singing”.   If that is not an entree to Heaven, I do  not know what is.  If you were a flower, wouldn’t you want to lift your face to the Son and sing?  To feed butterflies?  To REJOICE?

Here is one of my favorite Sally  Skagit Barn photos:






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2 responses to “Sunday Driving on a Thursday

  1. Sandy Gosch

    Thank you for these wonderful journeys🤗
    This is a lovely tribute to Sally! MIKE too!

  2. Flaky Friend


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