Angel Island


In 1971 – 72,  Mike and Sally attended Lamaze classes at Humboldt State University.  There they met another couple who introduced them to recorder music.  My parents played fancy wooden ones, not the plastic ones we all played in 5th grade.  After class, they headed to the Arcata Plaza and had martinis at the smokey bar Toby and Jack’s.  Hee hee hoo hoo.

My youngest sister, MCV, was born in April of 1972.

A few months later she was baptised by a Presbyterian minister on a sailboat.  This happened after the regular service up on the Sausalito hill.  After church, we trooped down the wooden stairs to the harbor, stopping by the deli to pick up mini ham and cheese sandwiches, and proceeded to my grandparents’ boat slip.

Anchored off Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay, my parents played a tune on their recorders – hoo hoo hee hee – and wore berets crocheted by my mother as the minister poured water over the baby’s head.

This is as close as my parents got to being hippies.



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3 responses to “Angel Island

  1. raftbuddy

    That is quite a picture! Love it!

  2. MCVwasHere

    This made me laugh so hard that I cried tears of laughter . . . and then just cried. I tend to forget about the recorder playing part at the baptism. Did Radish’s parents think she’d gone around the bend?

  3. Winnie

    An unexpected but delightful view.

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