Sally Sighting #3


In the aftermath of my mother’s funeral, my sisters and I cleaned out her clothes closet and cookbook shelves, in a burst of frenetic energy, knowing that MCVWasHere would be the great recipient of the latter.

Amongst the books was A Culinary Journey in Gascony by Kate Ratliffe,  published in 1995 (a second edition was published in 2004 under the name Kate Hill). *  This was the copy on the shelf.  Have I mentioned that my mother was a religious purger of Things That No Longer Server, even unto cookbooks?  She only kept those that had a special meaning to her or that she wanted to keep for future reference.

I have been cooking up a French barge travel dream* with Princess Ai Lin and MCV.  Finding the boat was like discovering sunken treasure, a pearl anchored in a bed of seaweed.  Here was Sally’s blessing.   We’re taking her along in 2017.

In other news, Thing 2 is on Spring Break in Mexico.  Breaking out in hives, he discovered he is allergic to El Jimador Blanco tequila.  A Mexican allergic to tequila?  No puede ser!   I told him it is probably because I drank too much of it when I was pregnant with him.  His reaction was precious.  Say what, mamacita????  LaLopez, you are to blame!

Finally, I met Mr. Understanding 30 years ago today at Pasadena Rose’s home.  I REJOICE.

*  Kate has a wonderful cooking school in Gascony.  Click here to find out more.

* *More on this later.



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7 responses to “Sally Sighting #3

  1. Jajajaja…otra mamacita. Que viva la tequila y que sobrevive el joven!

  2. Sandy Gosch

    She once shared some cookbooks with me. I could tell they were precious to her so I just copied what I wanted and did not remove them them from her custody!📗

  3. Flaky Friend

    30 years! Sounds worthy of a charm for your bracelet!

  4. raftbuddy

    Love you both, Expat and Mr. U!

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