Yankee Doodle

radish doodle.jpg

Sally created this doodle on an iPad.  It was part of her blog called Day2DayRadishes.   It is fair to say that I did not read my mother’s blog every day.  Sometimes my subscription would fall off and I would forget – if the post did not appear in my mailbox, I did not read it.  She would ask me, “Did you read my blog today?”  “No,” I would say, “I was too busy [fill in the blank with the type of busy I was: moving, caregiving, shopping, bible banging, etc.].  Frequently, I would read her posts in one go, a big inhalation.   Now I ask my children the same question and their answer is pretty much the same.

There is a repetitious line from Joan Didion‘s book The Year of Magical Thinking about not paying sufficient attention.  It drove me nuts today, trying to find it.  I failed.  When I do, I will report back.   But you get the drift.  There are a lot of things to which I am not paying sufficient attention.  Ironically, this has produced a counter-intuitive hyper awareness.   How can the two states exist at the same time?

Sally visited MoodRingMomma in a dream, knitting and laughing, a Sally Sighting if ever there was one.  But she has not appeared to me that way. I am waiting.  Daily I implore the Holy Trinity for such a visitation;  I up the ante by imposing on Mother Mary as well.  It is fair to say that I have an emotional hangover after St. Patrick’s Day.

However, Antonio Banderas visited me in a dream during my nap today.  Not too bad!  I’ll take it.








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6 responses to “Yankee Doodle

  1. MCVwasHere

    I patiently await for you blog post every day. I checked several times today … and was finally rewarded. THANK YOU!

  2. Banderas? Really? All I see these days is Justin Trudeau.

  3. Lisa


    I am hyper aware these days too. Partly because Radish passed, partly because my Mom is slipping a bit, partly because Georgia has only 2 1/2 years at home, etc. You get the drift. Thank you for such a beautiful post.

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