Plain Jane

IMG_0576 2.JPG

Here is a photo of my mother’s doll Jane.

Sally was not a materialist.  She liked nice things but when she was done with them, out they went to a bin in the garage, earmarked for the annual church bazaar.  Books, clothes, tchotkes, nothing was exempt.  Not even presents we girls had given her for Mother’s Day.  When we moved from one part of town to another in 1975, all of our childhood art projects to date got “lost in the move”, Kon Mari’d with laser precision before Kon Mari’ing even became a thing.

So it is interesting to see the things that my mother actually did keep.  Set in a bookcase in the guest room, the doll is the one item from Sally’s childhood that remains.  Sally took this photo of Jane on November 2, 2016 from a reclining position on the queen sized guest bed, Sally’s  chest heaving up and down with “the crud”.

Sally’s word for 2016 was TREASURE.   Somehow my mother understood, in the last full year of her life, that she was to treasure memories and moments, both good and bad.

If you look closely at Jane, she is basically bald.  She is naked.  She is literally down in the heel, her fingertips battered, her limbs akimbo.  Jane, however, is largely intact.  She is well-loved.  Jane is a perfect metaphor for a life well lived, prepared for eternity, still not played out.   A keeper.



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7 responses to “Plain Jane

  1. Janet Daly

    Love it

  2. raftbuddy

    Stunning! In our many many moves during my childhood, I can’t tell you how MANY things became “lost in the move”- it has become a family joke as it took us many years to realize that was my mom’s way of Kon Mari’ing the crap out of literally EVERYTHING. My sister and I also theorize that this has pushed us over the edge in keeping any sentimental thing that belongs to us or our children- borderline hoarding disorder??? The description of Jane is one of the best pieces of writing I have ever read. LOVELY.

    • Dear Raftbuddy,
      Thank you so much. When I cleaned out the house in OH I found one of our little baby dresses from Switzerland (!) and put it in my suitcase to do what with exactly I had no idea. Since Jane is nekkid, she is getting the dress. You know am trying to cure myself of this same disorder …. XO

    • Dear Raftbuddy,
      As I was finishing up packing the OH house I came across a little white baby dress from Switzerland. What to do with such a darling item? Into the suitcase it went. Today, as I was finally cleaning up the pile on my bedroom floor, I realized it was meant for Jane. I am trying to cure myself of the same disorder …. Thank you for your lovely comment. I so appreciate it!

  3. Flaky Friend

    Ah, that’s beautiful. Love you!

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