Possible Heart Nutrients

lord-stood-by-meThis is from Sally’s 2016 archives.   What are you doing for your heart?

This is what I am doing for mine:


OK, I am not actively reading cook books.  Yet.  But my father is.  He had to go buy Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything, ironically the one book that my mother didn’t currently own because she knew how to cook everything.  She gave it to everyone in the family – I have gone through several copies because the binding is terrible.   Dad’s  Mardi Gras waffles were stupendous.

Suggested reading:  Grit by Angela Duckworth.  Am only a chapter in but it is fascinating.  More on this topic later, but needless to say, SALLY HAD GRIT.



Here, a recipe from Food52.com for grits.  You can add shrimp.  Or not.  You know what I would do, even though it is a Lenten Friday.  XOXO






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5 responses to “Possible Heart Nutrients

  1. raftbuddy

    I am hoping there will be an explanation of the Radish moniker. Was it a fervent fondness? An inside joke? If I ever knew the answer to this, I have forgotten. Maybe I need to get that cookbook for my kids???

    • Raftbuddy,
      Sally’s blog was called DaytoDayRadishes. She thought a radish an ordinary vegetable, albeit kind of spicy. Hence the moniker. If you go to CookSallyCook.com I think there is a fuller explanation. Bless you for asking! I guess that will be a blog post! XO

  2. Terry Curran

    MC, I’m LOVING your blog! You are such a talented writer and I am learning so much about the beloved Radish. Thank you for sharing and keep it up!! With love and gratitude for your beautiful words, Terry.

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