May Your Days Be Mary and Bright



Today is the last day I am a mother of a minor.  My little Mary Thing 3 turns 18 tomorrow.  This is perhaps the definition of bittersweet: The day your youngest child becomes an adult.  She was a happy Baby Bean until she started teething, when she acquired a multitude of nicknames:  Mary Pain, Monster Jane, among others.

I should have named her Maria Francesca because she is an ardent animal lover.  But who knows that at the time a name is given?

Thing 3 was born in Mexico City.  I added my grandmother’s maiden name to Thing 3’s name as her middle name.  The birth certificate clerk, Xochitl, got the spelling correct.

We are quite sure that Thing 3 misses her animals more than her parents when she is off at college.

This past year she has been a fabulous nurse, worker, yogi, artist, and needlepointer.

She is the best clay pigeon shooter in the family and an excellent driver.  She is fearless and stands up for the helpless, sometimes at great personal cost.



So happy Adulthood, Thing 3.  You are a beautiful young woman, inside and out, and you honor the Big Marys with your loving attitude.







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4 responses to “May Your Days Be Mary and Bright

  1. raftbuddy

    Happy happy birthday, Thing 3!

  2. Happy Birthday 18th birthday to a wonderful girl — and warmest congratulations to your mother, from whom I gather daily inspiration. So glad to have you back doing what I believe you are called to do!

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