Blue Sunday

Dear Readers,

It’s been six months since my last post and I might have spoken too soon about living in Tornado Alley …  it is no calmer here in the new zip code than in Ohio.  Even after Thanksgiving,  my plate is overflowing. 

This past weekend, I had the unalloyed joy of having my two youngest children visit me in my new hometown.  Thing 1 is actually employed and working in a far away state:  No vacation time for her.  As much as I missed her, I am just profoundly grateful that she had a great day in her new hometown with an old friend, cooking and watching comedies, like we did here for Pajama Thanksgiving. 

Yesterday, while tooling about town with Thing 3, I had a few signs that perhaps I should be blogging again for Advent.  OMG, the Holy Spirit was popping!   How do I know this?  Because I was delighted and all of the events of the last few days completely dispelled the gloom of the last few months.  Okay, let’s call it a solid 18 months.    So, even though it is the most wonderful time of the year, it is also the busiest, as we all know,  and blogging seems most inconvenient.  Especially since my mother is staring down a heart surgery, probably in December. 

When I went to church today, however, I was convinced that I needed to continue my Lenten theme of Mary because Advent is All About Mary.  Today all the church vestments – altar, priestly robe, and lectern – were decked out in a beautiful blue.  This is something I had not seen before.  I asked the priest about it on the way out of the receiving line and this was his response, “Oh, it’s for Mary.  It’s called Mary Blue.  As the mother of Jesus, we celebrate her at this time of year. “  Well, of course.  Of course we do!  She represents the world waiting for the light, that time of the morning as the sky lightens and transitions into day.  Read here and here for more on color theology and an Episcopal explanation if you are interested. 

So, I will make my readers (are there any out there?)  the same deal as I did with Lent.  I will be writing short.  SHORT, in case anyone is hard of reading.   There will be an additional bonus of a shopping suggestion.  Some find shopping painful (you know who you are) but for me it is a joyful thing to find the right gift for a person. 

Black Friday is over but today is Blue Sunday. 

Here’s your Shopping Suggestion:  I have many of these colored votive candle holders and cocktail drinkers, each one of them special to me.  Started in Seattle, this glass blowing company and small business has taken off, spreading light across the world.  10% of the proceeds of each glassybaby is given back the Glassybaby White Light Fund to “help people, animals, and the planet heal”.  You can choose a glassybaby based on a name or a color or even a particular charity.  Having said that, there is no Marian Blue or Virgin Mary or Theotokos.  Instead, you can substitute peace, regal, or fortitude – that blue is sort of a Three in One.   

Hint, hint:  there is even a swirled one named “grit”.  This is my new zip code. 



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9 responses to “Blue Sunday

  1. Llopez

    Mary Blue, huh? I was sure you were making a political statement and had crossed over to the dark side.

  2. sallycalligan

    Llopez you are a stitch. Hope that baby is all grown up and fine.

    Mk, glad to have your back. I want to get back. Our sermon was about waiting for the second coming and being alert. Waiting with the cloak of Jesus with patience, humility, humbly, and many more.

  3. Mr. Understanding was here. Got it!!!!

  4. Katyess

    Aaah, you’re back . . . through Epiphany at least?!

  5. MCVwasHere

    Oh yes, I know who I am.

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