Light ‘Em Up

I bet you readers thought this last period was called the 40 Days of Silence.  It’s been 29 but who’s counting?  The Expat Princess is walking through numerous fires, some white hot and scorching, others gently smoldering, waiting either to die or pick up speed.  Think of me as a flower girl in a wedding, throwing out baking soda and water instead of rose petals as I walk down the aisle.  I refuse to be singed.

MCV sent in this link to an article about a mattress developed in Spain which is able to detect a cheating spouse.   Read it here.  Duermete bien, Madrilenos!




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2 responses to “Light ‘Em Up

  1. raftbuddy

    I prefer to envision you in a fireproof suit, wielding an enormous fire extinguisher. xoxo

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