Lent is  officially over, as of sundown.  I think I have miscounted but 40 days I have done.  It has been the most fruitful Lent ever.  And it was not just the blogging.

If you assume that Christ died when he was 33, tonight marks the 1, 983 anniversary of the Last Supper.  For awhile now, Jesus has been telling his disciples that the end is near; they are  clueless and not getting the message.   This is a despedida, a going way party, with only the host in the know.

Someone is serving the food at this meal but we don’t know who.  A Mary?  Martha?    Jesus himself serves Judas Iscariot, his betrayer, a morsel of bread dipped in oil knowing full well that Judas is about to rat him out.  This in an act with overtones of today’s communion.  Only a good friend feeds bread directly into your mouth.  It is also another farewell – as soon as Judas eats the bread, Satan enters him and that is that.  Judas’ heart is hardened forever and he gets up from the dinner table to hand over Jesus.

Later in the evening, they all go to the Garden of Gethsemane [Oil Press], where Jesus is beset by the depravity of the world and the knowledge of what is to come.  I am sure that the sins of the world today are not that much different than those of two thousand years ago.  More nuanced, perhaps, but essentially the same.  Can you imagine feeling the rage of j*h*d*sts? The perversion of sexual predators? The sorrow of grieving families, the lonely, the rejected?  All at once?

I leave you tonight with Jesus’ “new” commandment, “that you love one another.  Just a as I have loved you, you also should love one another.  By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” [ John 13:34]

Let the whole world have ears to hear this message.

Herewith concludes Day 40.



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4 responses to “Despedida

  1. raftbuddy

    Thanks for the daily blessing of your words for 40 days. I am going to miss Lent. Happy Easter and much love.

  2. Flaky Friend

    Wonderful end to Lent — since we don’t attend church regularly this helped me remember the season. Happy Easter!

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