True Story (#2)




Last September, at about the same time as Thing 1’s migraine was ramping up, my hairdresser, Miss Responsibility, had to have emergency abdominal surgery. The doctors were not quite sure what they were going to find. Tumors were not out of the realm of possibility. Miss Responsibility has a family riddled with addiction, mental illness, and unemployment. She carries the weight of the family.  This was a devastating situation.

Rather than send her flowers, I wanted to send her something a little bit more concrete. By this time, I had already given away the 50 medals I bought at the Chapel in Paris. So, I ordered her an Alex and Ani Mother Mary bracelet from America’s favorite online retailer. While the Alex and Ani Company doesn’t print the whole story of the Miraculous Medal, which dangles from the bracelet, it is enough.

You can imagine my surprise when I opened the package from the retailer and discovered an entire packet of  bracelets, 25 to be exact. I had paid for 1.

I called the company and explained the situation. They were of no help. I could send them back (to a different location) but it would never be registered that I had returned them. Also, they could not send me a prepaid label with which to return the goods. For a company that can deliver by drone, this seemed a little ridiculous to me.

So I kept them, waiting for the company to ask for them back. I certainly, at that point in my life, did not have the time to go to the post office. I felt bad about them sitting in my office. But then someone (Polly Positive? MCV?) pointed out to me that perhaps I was given the bracelets so that I could pass them out to those in need, since I had run out of the other ones. Da-ding da-ding da-ding! Mental jackpot! This was the second, miraculous apparition, in effect, of the medal.

Since that time, the bracelets have been primarily given to mothers and daughters. One young woman was in a coma for several weeks and has since come to; even though she cannot wear it yet, it is there for her when she can. Her mother got one too – healing via proxy. I sent another one to a dear friend and her daughter whose lives closely parallel ours; the teenager is also suffering from  headaches.  Thing 1 sent a pair to a friend and her mother; the mother is battling Stage 4 cancer.  I don’t know if Miss Responsibility ever wears her bracelet but there were no tumors and her innards were fixed.

After going to the Chapel in Paris, Raftbuddy and I went to a jewelry store to buy “real” medals. My parents gave me money for my 50th birthday and this was how I thought I wanted to spend it – I could continue to loan out my big Mexican medal and have one for me. That day, however, I just could not do it. I could loan the medal but I couldn’t replace it. I bought something else instead.

And now, the Medal miraculously multiplies! I am a little anxious about what to do when the bracelets run out but have to trust that Mary, via the Holy Spirit, will provide  some sort of replacement. Either that or I’ll have to go back to the Chapel and buy a whole lot more.  50 was rather short sighted, on many different levels.



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6 responses to “True Story (#2)

  1. NIttany KItten

    This Nittany Kitten wears her treasured bracelet most days…It reminds me of Mary’s belief and trust that the Lord has it all figured out well before anyone else. I wear it and thank God for the Expat Princess who has always made me laugh and think deeply. I gained a thoughtful and kind friend that day in Madrid, six years ago, around her Easter table… xx

  2. raftbuddy

    Wear my medal 24/7. Would go back anytime to replenish the supply. In your case, it does seem to appear that “the Lord (or Mary) will provide”. I don’t think it is a coincidence that they appear, and you provide them, when they are most needed.

  3. We are combining with a trip to Lourdes. True story (#3). XOXO

  4. moodringmama

    You sent one to me, however I had already bought myself one (never told you that). So I have been holding on to the extra precisely for the same reason – to give to someone in need of same at just the right time. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. xoxo

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