True Story (#1)


It is a little peculiar that one of the people who checks in with me most frequently about the health of Thing 1 is my Jo Malone Fragrance saleswoman, Saba.  Saba is from Eritrea but –  I am not going to split hairs here – goes to an Ethiopian Eastern Orthodox church (their Christian calendar is slightly different).  Her sister Belai is suffering from cancer and for the past two years, Saba has spent her vacation time nursing her sister in Washington, D.C., cooking food to freeze and cleaning the house.

Saba leaves voicemails every once in awhile inquiring about Thing 1’s migraine situation.  It makes me happy to no end and reminds me to pray for Belai.  Because I KNOW Saba is praying for Thing 1 and it is working.

One day last year I introduced Polly Positive to Saba and Jo Malone.   We had a good time at Nordies, playing with the various scents.  Afterwards, Polly and I went outside the eCafe to have a coffee.  There, sitting on the mesh table top, were two large silver and blue enamel Miraculous Medals strung on on chains.  JUST SITTING THERE.  AT A NORDSTROM CAFE AT A MALL IN OHIO, WAITING FOR ME.  CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Polly Positive and I just LAUGHED.

Polly was the biggest local champion of my Camino, sending me off with a care package of various goodies for my walk in Spain.  Polly knew the importance of the Miraculous Medal to me.  I had given Polly her own medal, blessed at the Chapel  by a nun from Madagascar.  At the time of my visit to the Chapel, in September of 2014, I bought a bag of 50 tiny medals but I had given them all away by the time I heard of Saba’s sister’s predicament.

“You wouldn’t mind, would you, if I gave these to Saba and her sister?” I asked Polly.

A paragon of virtue, Polly replied, “Of course not!”

Belai’s tumor is now shrinking and she no longer needs a wheelchair.  She can go to the bathroom by herself.  Saba is going on Easter Sunday for a visit, to cook and clean for a week, and spend time with their brother who is flying in from Oregon.

GOOD THINGS CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOU GO SHOPPING FOR PERFUME AT THE MALL PEOPLE.  Are you paying attention to the Universe?  Can you spot Mary in today’s post?

Herewith ends Day 34.  Things are amping up.







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