My Favorite Saint



A citizen of Britain, Patricius was kidnapped at age 16 by Irish pirates and forced into slavery as a shepherd.  During this time he prayed a lot and somehow became a Christian.   After  After six years, he heard a voice telling him it was time to go home, that a boat was waiting for him.  So he escaped and finally made it home, where he continued to study Christianity.  Later, he returned to Ireland to proselytize the faery and druid loving folk.  He did not chase any snakes out as, apparently, in “post-glacial Ireland” there have never been any snakes.  It makes for a good story though and I know Mary is pleased that at least one part of globe is snake free.

Here is America it is a different story.

Polly Positive will be making another appearance soon, but not today.

Erin Go Bragh and please toast the Mother of Ireland!

*this is the Latin name by which he refers to himself in his Confessions.

Herewith concludes Day Shamrock Shamrock.



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One response to “My Favorite Saint

  1. raftbuddy

    I didn’t know he was your favorite!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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