Just Waiting on a Friend

One of my new readers is young and never comments.  She is recovering from anorexia, having developed a personal relationship with Jesus.  There are several other new, young readers out there who likewise never comment.  I think about them when their names pop up as having liked a post of mine.  I am not in a position, timewise, to troll the internet and read all their posts but I ramble around when I have the time.  I don’t comment on their posts either.

When I was in Las Vegas this week saw an “old” woman with anorexia sitting by the pool.  I thought she was for sure older than me, although, truth be told, I have never seen a woman in her 50s with anorexia.   Next to her was sitting a man in his early to mid thirties.  Her torso was covered with mini bandages.  For a moment I thought maybe she had cancer but then discarded the thought.  It was anorexia for sure.

Later, this woman and I had a pleasant conversation about the hotel pool and where to sit to maximize the sun exposure.  The Rolling Stones played pleasantly over the carefully modulated loudspeakers.  During that conversation, I realized she was much younger than me, very sweet, and actually perky.  The man sitting next to her did not chime in but it was evident they were together.  He had a normal body mass.  Husband?  Brother?

I tried seeing me through her eyes.  If she was scandalized by my ginormous bosom and cottage cheese thighs, she did not show it.  An unbelievable poker face.  I can only hope mine was better.

For that day, she was Mary and the male companion was Joseph.  He did not abandon her; he just sat with her and soaked up the sun.    He was doing what he needed to do to get her well, to make her feel better.  What a friend.

It also made me think of the public/private nature of our sufferings and health issues.  You can’t see a migraine but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.  An anorexic body is evident.  Scars from broken bones, replaced hips, Caesarian sections, car accidents, IEDs are somewhere in in that mix.  What about a Chinese American girl who is angry  at her adoptive mother because she is really totally hacked off at her Chinese mother for dumping her off at an orphanage?   These are all real sufferings and this is my prayer for her and whomever is suffering at the moment.

Psalm 51:8:

Let [her] hear joy and gladness;
    let the bones that you have crushed rejoice.

Herewith concludes Day 26 (I confirmed).   God bless the carpenters and the caregivers. Easter is coming.



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4 responses to “Just Waiting on a Friend

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  2. raftbuddy

    So true about the private/public sufferings……. great post.

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