Easy Come, Easy Go

Last night, after dinner, Mr. Understanding and I placed a bet at a black jack table.  We lost immediately.  Ouch!  That was the end of that.

Today I went to CVS to buy water and snacks.  I cannot, in good conscience, buy $5 bottles of water.  Las Vegas is very dry and I am parched constantly.  Also, I have not been exposed to this much second hand smoke since sitting on a terraza in Madrid.  It is still legal to smoke inside here!  Admittedly, fewer people are smoking so I am not complaining.  Scratch that, I am.  It gives me a headache.

I have not seen Mary yet but the day is not over yet.  Maybe there is a slot machine devoted to Her?

The real question is:  Do I use the money I saved not gambling on a dreamy hotel  bathrobe?  I still have the one Mr. Understanding gave me for our second married Christmas, a pink one from Nordstrom.  I leaked Thing 1’s amniotic fluid all over it.  After wearing for two decades, I still keep it for sentimental reasons.  Plus, Thing 1 occasionally swipes it from me.  Barely frayed, it turned out to be a much bigger bang for the buck than blackjack.

I just convinced myself.  Game on!  And just so my readers know, it is still hard to cut the cord 22 years later.  I am trying really hard not to call Things 1 & 3.  They are big girls.

Herewith concludes Day 23.



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4 responses to “Easy Come, Easy Go

  1. MCVwasHere

    KON MARI pink robe and get a new one that will last you through your mud 70s.

  2. La Lopez

    You found Mother Mary in yourself today…

  3. raftbuddy

    Hard one! Sentimental robes/jammies are my weakness.

  4. moodringmama

    I’m impressed you even wear a robe! So civilized! I am always too hot for a robe, and I’m told I have not yet started menopause. Glad you are getting the robe!!!

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