Sin City

Today I am in Sin City with Mr. Understanding.  I have already lost at the Willy Wonka slots.  After losing, I went over to Nordstrom where I met with a personal shopper to amplify my sad sack wardrobe.  Nothing I own says  “With it” or even, “corporate wife”.  What I love about the personal shopper is that they pick everything out before you get there and all you have to do is try on.  This is essential if your sisters are not in town, which for me is 99% of the time.

When I landed in Las Vegas this morning I thought to myself, “How am I going to find the Mother of God here?”  Seems impossible, doesn’t it?

After trying on the new Jo Malone fragrances (YUMMY), I inquired if the sales lady knew my friend Viking Queen.  She did!  Viking Queen is head of fragrances for a huge Nordie territory.

Then I moved on the Chanel to replace a powder foundation.  A darling woman named “Z” got me rolling.  While she was ringing me out, I chatted up the other saleswoman, “V”.  She mentioned something about her tattoo.  You know my relationship with tattoos, which primarily started with Viking Queen herself.  So I asked to see V’s wrist tattoo.

“Oh,” V said, “It’s a Catholic symbol.  It’s called a Marian cross.  Priests wear in on their robes.”  Fancy that!

I cannot upload my photo of V to the blog from here but will do so as soon as I return.  It is very similar to the cross on the Miraculous Medal.

“Wow,” V said, “You are the only person who’s ever gotten my tattoo.”  I forwarded her to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, which she had never seen.

Ba-bam!  You have got to give it up for Mother Mary!  Sometimes I am just floored.

Herewith ends Day 22.  What do you think I’ll see next – or am I done with the Mary apparitions?






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3 responses to “Sin City

  1. MCVwasHere

    Where is Viking Queen?? Mary is active, for sure! Keep the messages coming!!

  2. moodringmama

    I love that we found Mary at Chanel. Incredible!

  3. raftbuddy

    I am behind and trying to catch up. Currently in Palm Springs avoiding a kitchen remodel mess at my house for a short bit. Thanks for the Sainte- Chapelle postcard- warmed my heart with beauty before I left. Love this story- it figures you would have a Marian apparition at a make up counter!! So perfect!

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