Light Her Up



The latest apparitions of the Virgin Mary occurred in Assiut, Eygpt, on August 17, 2000. The Holy Family is thought to have stopped here on their way home.  You can read a news article, strangely dated September 11, from ABC News here.    These apparitions appeared above the church (see photo above).  You can watch a YouTube video here – I think the onlookers are chanting.

I am struck by the circle of stars over the church – they remind me of the Miraculous Medal.

Although I am learning a lot about Mary, this has been a true Lenten challenge.  I should be doing this at the beginning of the day but sometimes it happens right before bed.  I am not tired of the subject but maybe you are?  Maybe you are feeling you really wandered into the desert this time?

Herewith concludes Day 21.


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