Au Naturel


LaLopez commented on the last post that she hoped I was not moving to a state which has a reptilian symbol. I am not.

But it does not matter if The Powers That Be of Future State chose to forgo a State Reptile.  Because snakes there are.  This is a fact.  I applaud the legislature’s decision to refrain from naming such a dust eating entity.

In this Garden of Eden, there are also DIAMONDS (the biggest one found ever in the USA).  It is a veritable land of MILK and HONEY BEES.  

A past POTUS, as reported in the same December, 2o15 Nat Geo issue, reportedly regretted sending his (former) state’s RICE (grain, not Condoleeza) to the nation of Haiti, thereby wiping out that island’s ability to be food secure.  It was a  “*ick move”, as my children would say, what with being paternalistic and all that.  Unintended consequences, people, unintended consequences!

I am considering applying to the bar in this state.  I hear it is not high.  At least I might acquire something this former POTUS lost.   And it isn’t a Cuban and SexInTheOvalOffice cocktail!

Herewith concludes Day 15.

P.S. Mary, the Famous Grouse, and I had a lot of fun with symbology today!






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3 responses to “Au Naturel

  1. raftbuddy

    Is the P.S. an alcohol reference? It went over my head, but that might explain why. I can’t figure it out!!!

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