VA Hopital

(Apropos of nothing, today I have a travel hangover.  Be advised.  And no, that is not a typo in the title).

This morning, we almost acquired another soon-to-be 3 legged kitten. A gray and black tiger stray, she (?) had been dropped off at the vet. Somehow, during her stay, she managed to mangle her one of her front paws. No healing miracles here.

Thing 3, who met me at the vet’s, looked at me with a light in her eyes. She and Thing 1 still cat fight  everyday over who gets to sleep with Lincoln, our three legged kitten. I took this as a possible sign from God that we needed to create a collection of impaired pairs. I was not sure that I was up for forking over another $300 for a kitty leg, however. Vaccinations and neutering are one thing but surely, the vet should have paid for the surgery since the kitten was in its care, custody, and control. Right?

I would have worked out all those details had the family that dropped the kitten off decided they did not want said cat.  I left the decision in God’s paws and moved on with my day.

Alas, the other family did want that cute kitty (perhaps they worked a deal for the defunct leg, too).

Then again, you never know. They might get that cat home and say to themselves, “You know, we just are not equipped to handle a three legged cat” or “Our dogs are too jealous” or “We have no idea what to name this strange creature”.  This cat could come back to us.

I, for one, would have insisted on a naming her  … you know it.  Mary Todd.


Herewith concludes Day 9.


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One response to “VA Hopital

  1. Oh my garage – you are too funny! Mary Todd . . . now I WANT that kitty to come back to you!!!

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