What’s in a Number?

In my post regarding the meaning of the name Mary, I consulted (among other websites) SheKnows.com.  At the bottom of their explanation, the site adds a numerology section with both a SoulUrge number and an Expression number.  I have no idea what numerology is about but it sounds a little “woo-woo”.  Soul urge?

However, the last line of the Mary Expression number (3) states, “They [Marys] tend to become very involved in many different activities, and are sometimes reckless with both their energies and with money.”  This sentence resonated.  Mary Todd Lincoln, for example,  was roundly criticized for her war time redecoration of the White House and was known for her expensive tastes.

I am visiting my future hometown and there is a dearth of shopping.  Total famine.  Folks drive several hours over the state line to go to an Anthropologie;  Chanel make up is ordered online.

I am thinking I am in for a very long Lent.  And perhaps that’s the point.

Herewith concludes Day 6.






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  1. raftbuddy

    Aside from the very Walmart shopping vibe, I hope your trip is otherwise awesome!

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