Hostess with the Mostess

The first miracle Jesus performed was at the behest of his mother Mary.

They were at a wedding together and she noted that the party had run out of wine.  This was probably more of a statement of fact but  Jesus obviously took it to mean that he was supposed to do something about it.  Although he thought this was more of her concern than his, he listened to his mother.  You can almost hear him sighing in response to her statement, “Woman, why do you involve me?”

How embarrassing to run out of beverages!

I like that Mary was Jesus’ Plus One.  I  like the fact that Mary, although neither master nor mistress of the banquet, was paying attention to the party. She wanted it to go on without interruption or social faux pas.  Mary also probably wouldn’t have said something to her son unless she thought he could intervene.

And then he saved the best for last and brought out the good stuff, the reserve.    The guests appreciated the difference.   Maybe there were no hangovers in the morning!?

Herewith concludes Day 4.







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  1. Flaky friend

    I like it!

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