40 Days of Mary: Prologue and Disclaimer

Today marks the beginning of Lent for the Christian community, a period of 40 days which lead us into the “desert” or “wilderness”  to reflect on Jesus’ own 40 day solo sojourn.   There are many ways to observe Lent, which I will not recount here as I am not a scholar.  This is amateur hour.  But it’s my amateur hour.  There is nothing I find more interesting than canoodling with a Hebrew or Greek dictionary for an hour or two, digging in the Bible, and chasing down true meaning.

It is important to note that I am not Big C Catholic.  I am little c catholic.  (Little c catholic means universal).  I am an Episcopalian.  Our priest (formerly Big C Catholic, now little c catholic), challenged us in his sermon last week to do something with our whole heart, something to benefit others that will make a lasting difference to the world while changing us forever.  You can watch his illuminating sermon here.  Go ahead, it’s just awesome.   

Where am I going with all this? 

For starters, I am going to attempt to blog for 40 days.  This is going to be a real challenge as I am traveling part of the time and do not have a laptop.  The theme will be  Mary, Jesus’ mother.  Astute readers will note that it is this role that most occupies and preoccupies my time at the moment.  God has given me a pass on the wife gig for the moment (more on this later, in another post). 

As previously mentioned, I am no scholar.  But I have had an affinity for Mary for a very long time.  She is given short shrift* in the Protestant community yet glorified in the Catholic.   Somehow, this seems just plain ignorant.  Why blow off the Mother of God?  Without her the whole gig would not have come into being! 

Also, the book All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr was a writing epiphany.  Mr. Doerr wrote short and still told a long and intricate story.  This is his genius.   So that is what I am going to attempt to do, WRITE SHORT.  At the end of 40 days I might have something cohesive, I might not.  But by hovering around 500 words  or less I  hope not to burden you, the reader.  And if Mary doesn’t interest you, you are off the hook!  Come back after Easter! 

I reserve the right, however, to disseminate juicy tidbits not related to Mary in my posts. 

Herewith concludes Day 1. 

Just for fun:  shrift means “confession”.  Per Merriam-Webster, the simple definition of short shrift means “little or no attention or thought.”  The full definition is “barely adequate time for confession before execution”.   This gives Shrove Tuesday new meaning.  Aren’t words fun???

P.S.  My words for 2016 are Trust and Release.  Which comes first?



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4 responses to “40 Days of Mary: Prologue and Disclaimer

  1. The Radish

    I will be here. I look forward to learning more about Mary.

  2. Llopez

    Bring it on, Sista

  3. Flaky friend

    Trust comes first

  4. raftbuddy

    I vote for trust first, but feel free to enlighten me if you are of the opposite persuasion. Looking forward to the next 40 days!

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