Jesus IS Bigger Than Football (and Tom Brady’s Deflated Balls)

As luck would have it, Jesus apparently subscribes to the Expat Princess’s blog. Although I am highly amused that He would take the time to answer my question, I did not expect an answer so quickly! It turn out that He is bigger than football. At least for Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks Sunday night and his fellow believers. In an incredible victory (after perhaps the craziest game America has ever seen) #3 bawled like a baby, gushing with gratitude. But before turning to the cameras, he and a group of Hawks and one Packer got down on their knees and gave thanks to their Creator. DangeRuss’s interview after the game, was, for me, not that of a celebrity, but just that of a thankful human being. Russell Wilson – #unvarnished, #therealdeal. It puts Shelley’s tears in perspective. Lesson learned: crying and football go together. The Packers – Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacey, and Julian Edelman*– played spectacularly, to their credit.   So did Jesus give the Seahawks the edge? Does Jesus even care about football? Jesus must be bigger than football because only He could pull something off like that. The Seahawks were just the messenger.  I am still laughing.


Last week, in advance of the NCAA National Football Championship, I was blissfully unaware that duck was on sale at all the supermarkets and featured on restaurant menus all over town. Perhaps readers will remember I don’t eat duck – read here (Quack Quack). This weekend there will be a big celebration downtown at Ohio Stadium and yours truly will not be attending.

In other news, Thing 1 is back from her medical mission to Honduras. We were excited for her as this was the perfect intersection of her interests, gifts, and talents.  One of the few volunteers who spoke Spanish, she interpreted for the doctors and dentists most of the time.

“If I never see another pap smear in my life, I’ll be alright,” she told us afterwards.

The local volunteer OB/GYN never lost her smile, however, as she diagnosed yeast infection after yeast infection. This woman’s cheerfulness made a real impact on my daughter. Even worse were the teeth – black and crumbling, even the kids. Thing 1’s medical issues are legion but she got the message: it could be so much worse. I predict this is the first of many such journeys for Thing 1.


So will we have deflated balls for the Super Bowl XLIX? Only the ones attached to Tom Brady, I’m hoping. As noted years ago [Tom Brady’s Pretty Pickle], Tom’s smugness (dare I say arrogance?) is legendary. The truth will out [Deflated Balls].  He needs a Come to Jesus talk, stat.

Question:  Who is your favorite Seahawk player?  If you don’t have one, you don’t have to comment!

* As a rather snarky aside: did anyone else notice Clay Matthews shaking his hair out a la Cher in the 1970s? This peacockish preening might also have been a decisive factor.



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4 responses to “Jesus IS Bigger Than Football (and Tom Brady’s Deflated Balls)

  1. bag lady

    I liked this post. Humorous substance. I was impressed that for once it seemed like the team really were supporting Russell. If God does like football, this was a doozy.

    Thanks for the info on thing 1. Good for her to see this and be part of the solution.

    If I wanted to get an avatar here, how would I do it?

  2. raftbuddy

    I am always amused when people believe Jesus takes sides in football games! If only!! My favorite Seahawk would be Chris Matthews simply because he played for my dad (and he recovered that onside kick that sealed the game). I was actually rooting for the Packers because they have more players I know (that is usually my NFL rooting criteria).

    Great for Thing 1- awesome stuff!

    In other news, I can’t figure out how to subscribe and get notifications of new blog posts. I figured out how to “follow” but that apparently does me no good unless I somehow log onto WordPress and check what I am following??! Am I nuts?

  3. Raftbuddy, I really don’t think Jesus takes sides either. But He might have given Russell Wilson a boost! I love the Packers and A-a-ron Rodgers is the total package. Ask your teenager to help you subscribe. I am texting you in the meantime.

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