Or Current Resident

Since moving I have received a lot of junk mail addressed to the name of the former owner of our house “or current resident”.  That is me.  Current Resident.  I claim to want to stay here in Ohio until my husband retires but recently have decided it is too soon to tell.  Current Resident has a temporary feel.   Wonder how long that lasts?

There really is lots to blog about here in Ohio and I am about to begin in earnest.  From the swan on the pond sighting to the free gas at the Giant Eagle grocery store.  From the Al-Jazeera Thrift Shop on the same road as the abortion clinics and pro-life lamp store where the owners have taped a plastic fetus to a water bottle, a heavily highlighted bible placed next to it.  To Friday Night High School football and am alarming  lack of enthusiasm called Administrator/Instructor Discouragement (“You can join the _____ team but I can’t guarantee you’ll play.  It’ll also be tough getting you a uniform” to a coach saying, “My team played terribly so I needed a mental health day”).  Is this really America?  Yes, it is. I am not disillusioned.  I knew this was coming, I was (partially) mentally prepared.

I am a little concerned about America’s myopic world vision.  Last week I met a woman who asked from where I moved.  I replied, “Madrid, Spain.”  She responded, “Oh, I know someone who lived in Lima.”  Spanish speaking to be sure, but Peru is on a different continent.   (Thing 2 is also scandalized by his fellow students lack of geographical knowledge.)   Then there was the manicurist who thought the Spanish economy was doing great …

In a recent phone conversation with a fellow ex expat, I remarked (as opposed to complained) to my friend Mrs. Hotlanta that we have had no social invitations, not even for a cup of coffee.

She replied, said, “Well, you just have to take into account that most people will think you are weird.”

“Why weird?” I asked.  Frankly, weird had never ever crossed my mind.

“Because you lived in other countries.  Even my best friends in my hometown think we are weird for living abroad.”

I am willing to accept “weird”.  I am sure I will eventually find other “weird” people here in Ohio.  The bottom line is, I am willing to accept America’s weirdness because I am just thankful not to be living in Spain.  Rubber bullets are currently flying as riots protesting the new austerity measures ensue.  My former neighbor is now head of the Communidad de Madrid.  (Since he  could not be bothered to encourage his fellow citizens to clean up the dog poop on the sidewalks in one of Madrid’s most upscale neighborhoods, I am not sure he will be an effective leader for the community.)  The money has run out in Spain and it is a matter of weeks before the Spaniards are going to be forced to go the way of the Greeks.

All things considered, I am happy to be home even if home doesn’t feel like home yet.



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21 responses to “Or Current Resident

  1. Nittany Kitten

    Weirdos Unite!

  2. princess ai lin

    totally agree. telling someone you lived in China for 12 years is a real conversation stopper. you’d *think* it would be a conversation starter, but not true. apparently there is no better way to stump a conversation into silence. now I know why. consider the code cracked.

  3. I would meet you for coffee. I like weird.

  4. TR

    I was told when I arrived here, that I spoke ‘very good english’ for someone coming from Australia……………………………………..
    I guess this Sammamish Mom had not travelled far from her Sammamish bubble !

    • Hilarious! Americans also frequently confuse the state of New Mexico with the country of Mexico. Am not sure the Sammamish mom would even know the difference between Austria and Australia? Maybe she just plain thinks Australians don’t speak English?

  5. Sarah G P

    I still get strange responses after a year. “I can’t believe you lived THERE!” On the bright side side, I recently met someone who’s husband is from Sousas.

  6. Sad to say a lot of Americans are not curious. That irritates me beyond belief. A lot of that is common as we age. But then we know man whose mother in Bosnia, who has never been out of her town. There are a lot of New Yorkers who have not been outside of that city. I will say there is something to worry about as I have just returned from San Francisco. You have to be :in the game” to get around an airport and find a car. This is not for the aged or the faint of heart.

  7. maria

    weird?!!yes ,you are ….the nicest weird person in world for me.I am so sure China ,Spain ,Mexico and Brazil miss this lovely “weird” person you are!World would be better if we had more people like you around,my friend.By the wau you are allways invited for a caipirinha chez moi.Beijos…saudades!

  8. moodringmama


  9. MCV was Here

    I was at the Aussie’s Halloween party last year and met our friend’s Irish brother and his girlfriend who live on the Isle of Man. Can you believe? How often do you meet someone who lives there? I was so curious I couldn’t shut up. I think he was exhausted by the conversation but I was filled with enough intrigue to come home and continue to research. He tells me the people there are essentially inbred–literally, truly. Who knew?

    I love all my “weird” friends. I suppose I was weird at one point too.

    • Funny you should say that MCV. Thing 2 mentioned the Isle of Man yesterday and we had a little debate without getting out the Atlas (groomsman gift from Wild Bill). We were in the general vicinity. I can believe the inbreeding.

  10. I don’t use the word weird, I refer to myself as an alien. I meet people who have children older than mine and have lived in the same house since they got married. They have all their books and can pull out kid 1’s old rain boots for kid 3 when they grow into them and have been driving the same trajectory and shopping at the same grocery store all of their adult life. Can you imagine?

    • Alien! Awesome!!! That is what all of our visas say. That was pretty much me you were describing until I went to college. I moved houses in the same town in middle school and that was TRAUMATIC for me. Ohio, by comparison, is way easier.

  11. I thought all the weirdos already lived in Ohio…LOL. Can’t imagine what it’s like to be back in your ‘own’ country, bizarre! Re making friends, I suppose people might think you’ll just be off again soon, so don’t want to invest the time and effort, or have enough of their own friends already…perhaps you could get a job teaching geography at schools?? Miss you!! jo xxxx

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