Out of the Box

That is how I have to think: out of the box, fast forward my life to 6 months from now.  We finished unpacking every box in the garage.  The Spain shipment is undergoing review at customs.  Ceramic contraband?  I don’t think so.  But perhaps a governmental program to employ more Americans.   I cannot put any of those boxes away, however, until my kitchen is put back together.  A homeowner’s claim and I had not even moved in – a new record!  

Winnie, my MIL, said I had to write two sentences for her today so here they are.  

Also, you need your SS card to get a driver’s license in Ohio, a bureaucratic detail worthy of the Spanish.  You do not need a picture ID, however, to vote.  Say what?  Welcome to America, Ex Expat Princess!  Now, if I can only remember which safe deposit box the card is in ….




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2 responses to “Out of the Box

  1. Winnie

    Thank you, thank you! I appreciate the effort greatly and welcome the return of the princess. One question: are there ceramic gnomes in that shipment from Spain? If so, you may well be in trouble if they have entered illegally sans passports, or they could be the targets of unscrupulous inspectors.

    Also – FYI -check to see if you can use an official document like a paycheck or tax return with the SS number on it. They might be easier to find and in Fla. I think they are acceptable for drivers licenses.

  2. Mike of the SS

    Forget looking in a safety deposit box for your SS card. It’s pretty easy to get one from Connecticut even if you’ve never been there, or so I hear.

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