Things I’ll Miss About Madrid



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8 responses to “Things I’ll Miss About Madrid

  1. Mrs. NATO

    Come now….if nothing else it is a heavenly travel portal. 😉 Looking forward to MAYO!!

  2. Mood Ring Mama

    HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you will miss ham too. 🙂

  3. CBG

    Oh my, you can’t really mean it…the museums? churros con chocolate? Lilacs blooming in February? The almost non-existent winters? The beautifully dressed children? El Retiro? homemade potato chips in every bar? THE CAÑA? I am curious how you will feel after 6 months in the heartland…

    • CBG, I knew you would write my post for me! I will miss all of the above and write a suitable post. I went to Aluche today to get my third (and final) residency card. It had incorrect information for the third time, which they will not correct. And Madrid is just not the same without you.

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