Hangover 2011

The Christmas tree is finally down, the boxes stored haphazardly in the garage, the ant infestation vacuumed up. It sits, in its red ceramic pot, on the front porch, ready for Mr. Understanding and Thing 2 to carry elsewhere. It was a fine tree, although a bit prickly and uncooperative. I left the light stringing to Mr. Understanding and he festooned it like a sailor on a drinking binge in Hong Kong. Wrangling the tree out of its lights from our China stint, lights that are now in the garbage, was akin to wrestling a bride in her frothy finery onto a toilet seat. Or, Scarlett O’Hara out of her corset. My neighbor, I surmise, felt so sad for the tree that she came over with a roll of wire-edged ribbon to try to disguise the manic light situation. Ni modo, all of our ornaments made it beautiful.

But putting all those ornaments away made me sad. The tree could only withstand about a quarter of our collection, its young branches sagging under the weight like Thing 3 with two pythons draped over her. I could almost hear it sigh in relief with the removal of each ornament. For in the storing and guarding of these pretties, I am reminded how perishable all things are. The sparkly handmade mini piñata ornaments from Mexico, of which only remain two, are a bit crumpled. How many moves more will they last? “Mortals cannot abide in their pomp” and neither can Christmas ornaments.

Speaking of moves, I do not know if I am going anywhere just yet. This is contributing to my general mental lethargy, that and a terrible case of viral pink eye. In short, I have a terrible resaca (hangover) from 2011. Not that I am complaining! It was worth the headaches and ensuing malaise. So worth it.

The Year in Review (and don’t get jealous. Remember, I have a whomping hangover):

A move to a new and, generally, improved house.

More than any I’ve ever had, anywhere, all in one year: my parents, the Understanding inlaws, the ContraCostas, Sue B, The Hussells (Mrs. Hussell even came by twice!). All of whom, I have to say, were perfect. Well, maybe not my mother wanting to rearrange my kitchen but other than that, perfect.

High School Graduation and Moving into College for Thing 1, currently living the dream in Paris for a 3 week language class.

Second HoneyMoon/20th Anniversary: Mr. Understanding is simply the best. So glad I married him!!!! I’d do it all over in a heartbeat.

Viajes, in no particular order:

Rome, Amsterdam (with Bea Long!), Paris and Normandy, Munich, Florence and Venice, Santiago de Compostela, Sevilla, Nurnberg, Bilbao & San Sebastian, Toledo, Toledo, & Toledo, Ohio.

Organizing a cottage in Florida to rent to others.

Bible study and book club with some profoundly beautiful, intelligent and wise women. Separate groups but each equally stimulating and interesting.


2012 does not promise to be any slower. Paris next week for Thing 1’s 18th birthday. A visit from Mrs. O’Leary. February: London with Mr. Understanding & Valencia with the two younger Things. MCV’s 40th birthday celebration in Madrid during Semana Santa. A visit from Nittany Kitten and Mrs. Nato in May, a driving tour to the south of Spain. (Mrs. Nato’s husband is safely home from Iraq and she has a big, fat get out of jail card we are all playing with her.) Maybe a move to Ohio, maybe not.

After May it all goes fuzzy. Summer and the rest of the year is a big question mark.

Is there any time for writing???? You tell me. In any case, I am nursing my hangover until it’s time to start all over again next week. Am going to start with a martini at the Hemingway Bar.



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8 responses to “Hangover 2011

  1. flaky friend

    I love your writing. XOXO

  2. Now cut this out and print it somewhere. Great overall journal piece.

  3. maria

    welcome back to writing!Try to do this more often this year,ok?
    About visitors:forgot me???!!!

  4. Raftbuddy

    Phew! Made me tired just reading about it!! Cheers to great things in 2012!

  5. Mood Ring Mama

    Great post; I’m sort of hoping you are not moving to Ohio just so we can come visit you later this year too. xoxoxo

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