Mas Christ

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth. I am just December busy. Thing 3 turned 13, converting me into the mother of three teenagers. I can hear the sound of my mother rubbing her hands together in glee from five thousand miles away. Thing 3 has been a teenager since the age of one, however, so this is not new. At her first birthday party/Christmas open house, she toddled around the living room sticking her finger into shot glasses of tequila and sucking it off. She liked it. She could also paint her nails tidily at eighteen months. As Maggie O’Montes said at the time, “That one is going to give you a run for your money.” Indeed.

Thing 3, however, is the only child of mine who actually helps out in the kitchen, making dozens of cookies with me. That I am paying her is besides the point (remember: run for your money). She is there.

This Christmas we are staying in Spain. In October I heard a sermon in Baltimore wherein the pastor advised throwing a party to get out of the communal gloom. So I am throwing several: a cocktail party for neighbors, church folk, and book club members; a coffee for women in the area; and a storybook party for children. Believe me when I say that I know how daunting this is, three parties in December, with minimal household help. All that food! Drink! Paper napkins! But this is something I knew I had to do: I am good at parties.

Cookie making is a December activity, one I have not done for several years as I was traveling to the US for the holidays. I woke up this morning thinking of two women who greatly influenced my life and who always made my Christmases wonderful as a child. My mother always freaked out about Christmas, the equity of the gifts, the food, making sure my father had a nice pre-Christmas birthday. The Christmas tree selection was always an ordeal. Christmas for these women was not an ordeal, it was a natural extension of themselves. Nana, a grandmother and baker extraordinaire, had lots of time to bake. The other woman, Mrs. McDowell, had no children and had been a teacher; her saturation point for children was pretty high.

Nana lived across the hall in an apartment building from my parents. Both new to Hippieville, Nana took my mother, very pregnant with me, under her wing. She was, aside from my parents, among the first to see my face. Nana knitted all of our Christmas stockings. (Although the rest of my family has needlepointed stockings, mine stands alone and will never be replaced. I know what an act of love it is to make someone a stocking). She baked cookies out the ying-yang in December: shortbread, Mexican wedding cakes, sprinkled sugar cookies, fudge, fruitcake, spritzed gems. When I was older she let me help her make cookies in her blue and white kitchen, instructing me on how to roll the dough evenly. Right before Christmas she would invite us over for tea and cookies. My sisters and I would play with her toys set out on the coffee table. Nana gave each of us an ornament and sent my mother home with two plates of cookies – one for general consumption and one as a birthday gift for my dad.

Mrs. McDowell lived in our neighborhood. Every Christmas Eve we would walk up to her house where she had put on a cookie spread for a few families. Punch and coffee were set out on a separate table. She, too, was a baker extraordinaire. A petite woman with a puffy pompadour that looked a cloud and a set of the bluest twinkling eyes, she was Mrs. Claus embodied. As a child, she read me many books over the years. She had time for children.

I am not the baker these women were. My mother is a cook, not a baker, and cookie baking is an art that, I believe, is passed down. But to honor them, I really try. Bea Long gave me her mother-in-law’s sugar cookie recipe; after years of searching, it is the closest to Nana’s I’ve ever found, a mouthful of Christmas. The patience that goes with it is also a gift. As I show Thing 3 how to roll out the dough, I am reminded that I am eternally short of it and resolve to do better. How else will my grandchildren eat Christmas cookies????

After a lifetime of pondering, I finally realized my goal in life is to be a grandma. It’s that simple. I will only have to discipline on occasion and perhaps by then will have perfected a stable of cookie recipes. My bosom and lap will be suitably ample for children climb up on. The big house will smell good and be chock full of interesting items for them to break. There will be toys on the coffee table and, if my eye sight holds, a needlepointed Christmas stocking for each child. (First, however, I have to finish Thing 3’s).

So, dear readers, go make a batch of cookies with your kids and invite the neighbors over. Ignore the dust bunnies in the corner, the boxes that still need to be put in the garage. Read a Christmas story together. Slow down. The gifts don’t last but the memories linger forever.


Thanks to Lulu Powers’ Food to Flowers cookbook for turning me into the little engine that could! An inspiration for Go With the Flow entertaining! Thanks also to my father for reminding me to write. I promise to write about Thanksgiving in Sevilla soon!



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17 responses to “Mas Christ

  1. Jacque Seybold

    You have inspired me Princess! This Kitty is baking in the kitchen with her kittens Sunday afternoon!

  2. Beautiful cookies dear, dare I ask are those Rogers family decorated or stock photo??? Finals are finished and the eldest will be picked up later today and then the cookie baking shall commence. Happy Birthday thing 3!! We visited a 1920’s mansion decorated for the holidays yesterday, lovely! We are planning a spring visit to learn all the historical facts. Happy Baking! xoxo

    • Bea: Stock photo! I did not say the cookies had to be pretty, but they do have to taste good. Us expats have a hard time finding the correct decorating tools. Give your eldest a big hug for me – finishing your first college semester finals is a milestone.

  3. CBG

    Beautiful, exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you!

  4. Princess Ai Lin

    Timely post as I’m gearing up for big cookie baking session (I am making the MOST of the fully-stocked grocery store down the street!), AND preparing for roller-skating party for my 9 year old AND lamenting my lack of holiday invites. (Perhaps) you have I should take the bull by the horns and invite my neighbors over and create my own holiday cheer. We’ll see. XOXO

  5. Love the fully stocked grocery stores! Ah, the holiday birthday party – lucky us. Dispel the gloom and invite the neighbors. You always throw good parties!

  6. maria

    so you r staying in Spain this Christmas!!!Any chance to visit Murcia &Alicante area from 3 to 7 january/2012??Come and bring some cookies for me…That would be a delicious christmas present!beijos

  7. Mood Ring Mama

    Oh the memories of Nana and Mrs. McDowell – you captured them perfectly. Remember Nana’s Kerplunk machine??? That was my favorite. Mrs. McDowell’s fudge was the unsurpassed. Love you!

    • You are correct about the fudge. I could follow the same recipe and not have it turn out right. Forgot about the Kerplunk! How about the gold spray-painted trinket and macaroni Christmas tree???? That was my favorite.

  8. Raftbuddy

    I share your life’s goal!! Great minds….

    I am glad you got the card. After reading one of your blog posts about the Spanish mail service, I wondered whether you would get it in December! The oven repair man comes tomorrow for the 4th visit since the oven broke on Thanksgiving (another story, overdone turkey on top, raw on the bottom). I am apoplectic that I haven’t been able to bake ANYTHING so far this month- THE month for baking. Cross your fingers for me that the 6 parts that were overnighted to me today will fix my problem tomorrow! Feliz Navidad!

    • Your oven is sort of like the Volvo transmission. Towed back to Madrid after sitting in the town of Caceres for almost a week, no one has bothered to call us with a diagnosis. US to Spain postage is fine. However, a Thanksgiving postcard I sent to myself took over two weeks, Sevilla to Madrid. Am praying for your parts, all of them;).

  9. The Reminder

    You are welcome, and you did a very fine job.

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