Veranillo de San Miguel

Indian Summer. This is one fine reason to be in Europe at the moment. I am still hanging out my laundry, eating on the porch, and lowering the heavy sun shutters. (Not swimming in the pool, however.)

Mr. Understanding is waiting in Germany for me, along with Maria-the-Dentist and Fernando, for Carnaval 2.0 (i.e. Oktoberfest). Maria is hot to buy dirndls, the cleavage popping Teutonic getups, once we get to Munich. For 2,600 Euros one can have a “couture” dirndl – who knew? I might just settle for a t-shirt. After a weekend of wild beer drinking, Mr. Understanding and I are going to Florence and Venice for Luna de Miel (Honeymoon) 2.0.

This might have been a longer post but Madrid Maid Drama 2.0 sidetracked me yesterday. Firing and hiring a maid (with whom I am leaving Things 2 & 3), all in the span of an hour, did me in. That stein of beer can’t come soon enough! No, I am not leaving them with a stranger…. I have a long list of back ups, for this very reason. I am no Celia Foote. This, frankly, grieves me. The housekeeper drama is too long and soap operatic to recount in a blog. Let’s just say there were no winners.

Hasta la pasta, dear readers, and if I can, I will write from some lovely piazza. xoxo



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5 responses to “Veranillo de San Miguel

  1. MRM

    Have a blast! I bet you see some awesome fanny packs!

  2. Raftbuddy

    Ooh… jealous!! Ich liebe dich!!

  3. MCV was Here

    I favorite dirndl is “Lollipops and Alpenrocks”

    this is the one that cost $2,999 EURO

  4. I am betting you refuse to buy a dirndl. Although I would love one.

  5. Wish I could still fit into my dirndl, but grateful it survived the house fire!

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