Plaque Attack

Since my computer is defunct, I am going to attempt to write directly onto the blog, as opposed to writing it in a text file and then editing it. I am using Thing 1’s laptop and cannot seem to find the appropriate place to write a document. As she is off to camp with Thing 3, I cannot ask for her help – so bear with me. Thing 2 is at home, sleeping off a full day of shopping in Seattle after four days of fun with his aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends in Lake Chelan. He is whupped.

Many kind friends have asked me how I am handling my daughter going off to college with the Atlantic ocean separating us. I cheerily reply that I am so happy for her that I am not concerned with my own mental state at the moment (denial, in other words). And this is mostly true. However, I had a little breakdown at the Shilshole Marina yesterday watching her ease into her camp volunteer mode with all her friends from over the years. Thing 3 and I were relegated to a picnic table, watching as Thing 1 helped check forms for children with medical issues. She is jonesing for her 10 year attendance plaque and is willing to put up with all manner of homesick kids to get it. This last outing at camp, not the last Harry Potter flick, is end of her childhood.

Speaking of plaques, every summer we head to the dentist for an annual check up. I like to balance out the foreign healthcare with that of the American, mainly because I, as you know, so prefer the latter. To my shock and awe, Thing 1 garnerd FOUR cavities in the past year. The last time this happened to a child of mine was during our first year in Spain when I could not figure out which dentist to use. College applications were the excuse this year – plus, I simply forgot to take my children to the dentist for a cleaning. Perhaps I could not find a hole in my calendar? Who knows but lesson learned. I am sure Maria the Dentist is cringing right now reading this. Needless to say, it spawned an entire conversation about how wonderfully Brazilians take care of their teeth – my kids had to brush after lunch at school in Campinas.

Other news: most of you know that today is President Obama‘s birthday. It is also Mr. Understanding‘s. Mr. U is a year younger than BO and gets my vote for President of Everything. Although these last two years in Spain have been some of my toughest as an expat, they have also been some of my best as a wife. Go figure. More on this later in the month.

Finally, please keep my college friend and faithful blog reader Raftbuddy in your thoughts and prayers. She had a little voluntary involuntary surgery yesterday. A diet of rest, rom coms, and love is required.

Next up: The Post College Roadtrip Analysis – for the Class of 2012.



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8 responses to “Plaque Attack

  1. Finally someone who doesnt think the end of the HP franchise is the end of their childhood. LOL

  2. Well, Jeyna, those were my words, not hers! I am not sure she realizes it yet! Thanks for writing in!!!

  3. maria

    WHAT???!!! 4 cavities???no way…
    big hug to Mr U,the president of this great Rogers family!
    beijos para todos,

  4. Pode acreditar? Muito demais! xoxoxo

  5. Mood Ring Mama

    I would gladly cast my vote for Mr. U! Re plaque – I was scared straight a few years ago, and now I am a floss freak. I even having flossing goals – currently I am attempting to get all 2’s at my next check-up. I even have favorite typesMight I recommend the Oral B woven, or Johnson and Johnson woven? And in case you care about this fascinating subject, my dentist does not recommend Glide if it can be helped; you need some gripping surface.

  6. Hmmm …. I love Glide. But I was eyeing a water flosser the other day at Target. Then I remembered it did not have the same voltage as Spain so I passed it up. Thanks for the hot tip on the woven floss, Mood Ring!

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