Specialty Turner

My friendship with KT had an ominous beginning. I first introduced myself to her in our local minimart; she was the was the new Mrs. Goodyear. We exchanged pleasantries. When I told her I was from California, she replied, “You look like you are from California.”

I pondered that statement for about a year.

And then we became friends because of a) all our mutual friends b) our mutual love of reading c) our mutual bible banging (albeit separately) and d) our mutual affinity for American politics and current events. Ooops, forgot our mutual love of e) shopping.

Last week I received another care package from KT. This was really bold of her, considering what happened with her last packages to me. Persistent, she is. Inside were Valentine’s Day goodies. The package was mailed by the USPS on March 2 and arrived in 6 days. No customs agents were involved. I did not have to go to the airport to retrieve it. It came straight to my door and I happened to be home. Shocker!

Amongst the items was a heart shaped spatula. As I went to put it in the dishwasher, I pulled off the tag describing the item as a “Specialty Turner”. I laughed so, so hard, all to myself.

Because, of course, that is what KT is: A Specialty Turner. (If you are not getting this folks, read between the lines).

Care packages, I believe, are her special mission. Who else sends my family care packages? No one else! Who else is willing to give foreign postal systems a second chance? No one else! Who knows just what makes an expat princess and her family wildly happy? KT!

KT is a genuinely thoughtful person. She is an excellent homemaker, mother, wife, daughter, sister. Her house is organized, clean, full of fascinating items from her travels. She herself is just like her house: impeccable, well-accessorized, comfy. Anyone who knows KT aspires to her level of domesticity, efficiency, intelligence, and steadfastness. Plus, she is a good storyteller.

Today is a milestone (I won’t say which one) birthday for KT, a native Minnesotan. She was the reason I thought I could hack it in China and I know that, one day, when I hang up my own expat princess tiara I will be able to hack it in the wilds of Ohio, where KT lives. One day, maybe, I will look like I come from Ohio (I like holiday sweaters). I should be so lucky.

Minnesota Quiz (without Googling):

1) what is the state flower?
2) what is the state bird?
3) Minnesota is the “Land of ….”

I know all these things because my father is from Minnesota!



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11 responses to “Specialty Turner

  1. jody julien

    What a lovely entry today!! We too have been blessed by knowing KT and have been both pleasantly surprised and touched by her endless kindness and generosity! We so miss KT and her kind “men”.. EPP shows us once again how clever she is at saying what all of us are thinking, but in such a clever and comical way!! Way to go to EPP, and thanks for a quick chance to shared memories about our lovely friend KT. We need a reunion! Miss my friends from Brazil! Looking forward to seeing EPP this week! Wishing KT a super duper duper super Birthday!! Love to you all, Jody and fam

  2. Le Duc

    Happy Birthday to you Kathy !

  3. Sarah P

    Happy Birthday KT! EP you forgot about her despedida gifts! She was the only one I knew that had a table out to give stuff away when she was leaving. Of course it was a lot of prized baking supplies that were not available in Brazil.

  4. Applesauce

    The Lady Slipper, The Common Loon and The Land of 10,000 lakes!
    Ha, Ha! I know someone from Minnesota too! LOL

  5. Is it the same person? A+ on the answers!

    • Applesauce

      No, it’s that neighbor lady with the red hair…you know, the artist lady who is married to that artist guy? LOVE your blog! Blog more often…not that you’re busy or anything…will we see you this summer? It’ll be here before you know…

  6. Jill 602

    Flower? State bird-misquito-10,000 lakes. I was born in Minnesota but left when I was 8..don’t know the rest!

  7. Raftbuddy

    Going to Ohio as often as I do now, I can tell you one thing- the people are NICE! I mean really good, Midwestern-style, genuine kindness! I think they will LOVE having an exotic, ex-Californian, expat princess in their midst! Just stock up on some snow gear first … you have generally been blessed with VERY warm climates for your abodes thus far.

  8. Kathy Turner

    Uh-0h….things happen when you are off-line for a week. It is very strange to read about yourself….the written “me” is much nicer than the “real me”, but thank you. I had a great birthday, and I am looking forward to the next 50 years. “You look like you are from California” was a compliment…for those of us 50+, short, pale, chubby, brunette midwestern girls…all cute, tan, blondes look like “California Girls”…think Christie Brinkley and Malibu Barbie. I would have sent you a personal e-mail, but I wanted to put this question “out there”…..Does anyone know anybody who has as many good friends as the expatprincess? Everyone has friends, but she has good friends.
    I think of my friends often, and may offer up a prayer or two, but then I go back to what I was doing , with little follow-through. The expatprincess makes friendship a priority, and we are all blessed by that…it is her gift. She is a great example of someone who knows what is important in life…something we all need more of these days. Now to show my age, you said you were going to “post” something, and I thought that you meant a card was coming by “regular mail”. Thanks again good friend.

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