PAL and Answers to the Roma Quiz

I have a few special friends with landmark birthdays coming right up. The first is Princess of Ai Lin of Shanghai. PAL, as she is acronymed, is hanging up her Tai Tai tiara after more than twelve years in Asia and moving to the Lone Star state this summer. Talk about your culture shock! But no matter her color – red, blue – she is a true whatever color, she is true soul sister and the EPP wishes her the most glorious of birthdays. I hope it includes hot and spicy ribs and garlicky green beans from South Beauty. Some of us need to live vicariously ….

OK, on to the business:

Answers to the Roma Quiz

1) a vomitorium is an egress and ingress in a theater, Colosseum, or stadium. In ancient days of gore, it provided the quick exit of a large amount of people in a short amount of time.

2) according to Jimmy the Tour Guide, Bill Gates is the proud owner of a bitty square of red porphyry. I could find nothing on the internet to confirm this. Having said that, who wants to own up to spending a quarter mil on a paperweight? Microsofties, hunt this answer down, please!

3) Julius Caesar was not assasinated at the Forum, although a lot of funny things happened on the way there (Mr. U and I first kissed at the Forum in L.A. at a Billy Idol concert). Reportedly, in the Campo de Fiore section of Rome.

4) Augustus was off on his answer to Michelangelo’s dome design by a mere 10 years. Mikey was 82 when the job was forced upon him. Some say he made St. Peter’s Basilica 3 feet fewer in circumference to the Pantheon just to spite the Popes.

5) the cat question: originally, cats were brought over from Egypt to protect the grain stores from other pesky critters. Today they are protected by law and left free to roam. Ha.

6) dem bones, dem bones! The hole in the bottom of the sarcophagus allows easy acess for the worms. A worm vomitorium, albeit on a smaller scale.

7) The B-52s! It’s the anthem of my life.

Finally, check back tomorrow for another short milestone birthday shout out.



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8 responses to “PAL and Answers to the Roma Quiz


    What part of my answer (82) is 10 years off? Are you using Greek numerals?

  2. MCV was Here

    PAL is a fabulous friend. It’s been a grand 18/19 (?) years with you my friend. Here’s to at least 40 more . . . snake bites and all!

  3. Fun Q & A!
    How’s the book coming?

  4. Princess Ai Lin

    I’m beyond honored by your birthday shout-out, Expat. Wish we could have celebrated together. Maybe next year, replacing the hot and spicy ribs and garlicy green beans with BBQ ribs and baked beans?!? Love you lots and miss you so much. MCV – has it really been that long? YIKES! I feel so lucky to count all of EP’s sisters as my nearest and dearest. XOXO

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