Going the Wrong Way? I think not!

Thing 1 is seventeen years old today. She was delivered via a pair of steel salad servers gripping her skull, literally ripping her out of me after 23 hours of resistance. Her nickname is Miss Molasses because she is a dawdler; obviously, has been from birth. But also because she is thoughtful, analytical, and precise in the extreme, qualities she shares with both grandfathers. She is an old soul and smarter than both her parents, perhaps combined (but not yet as wise). Going off to college in less than a year will be a reverse forceps delivery for her mother. Thing 1/Miss Molasses/Angel Girl is a good girl. I love her dearly. She is going to rock the next year of her life.



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8 responses to “Seventeen

  1. Raftbuddy

    Happy Birthday, Thing 1! My birthday wish for you is that you find a college that perfectly matches your wonderful uniqueness! I still remember the first picture I saw of you- dressed like an angel. You are a beautiful woman. Be good to that mama who birthed you- it is hard on us moms when our birds are about to fly the nest!

  2. Happy Birthday, Miss # ONE!
    Have a wonderful year!

  3. Happy Birthday Sweetie,
    Been thinking about you, but have been away from phone at appropriate calling times.

    Ask your mother if she needs to give a little photo credit. I am surprised you let her put this up as there were others with more panache.

    • The photo credit goes to Radish. It was chosen because, although I broke my rule on not posting personal photos, it does not clearly show her face. Plus, I thought the sign was funny. Did you realize that when you were taking the photo?

  4. Mood Ring Mama

    If only I had been as cool as Thing 1 at 17. She has hit her stride, that’s for sure. I am excited for her future – so bright I gotta wear shades.

  5. Popster

    And she is beautiful (already noted by others),
    smart/analytical/precise/thoughtful (also noted by others), all of which is true, and in addition she has a great sense of humor, and I love her very much.

  6. She’s a prize, that’s for sure!

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