Michael Jackson – Bringing Home the Bacon

Nearly after 18 months his death, Michael Jackson is larger than life. His post death income is enough to wipe out his debts and leave a huge chunk of change to his children. For my birthday, Thing 1 created a CD for me with MJ’s “You Rock My World” (click on title to listen), a hit back in 2001 from the album “Invincible”. She also changed the music on my iPod. I had been listening to the same music at the gym for nearly two years – which might explain my sporadic attendance.

One of the things I had never heard before was the verbal exchange at the beginning of the song. MJ and a baby talking(?) Chris Tucker have a conversation in the beginning that is, frankly, just irritating. It ends with Chris Tucker saying “Jam on”. “Jam on” is a frequent phrase of the King of Pop and appears in more than one of his songs. What does it mean? According to Urbandictionary.com it means to “look forward, to thrive”. An alternate definition is to devour.

As you may know by now, jamon (ham) is one of Spain’s most treasured culinary treats. While Gwyneth Paltrow* would no sooner pop a piece of pork into her lovely maw than I would an oyster, Dovey, my Pilates instructor has to have a slice first thing in the morning. Just like actress Claudia Bassols. It’s a Spain thing.

Recently, my son Thing 2 was obsessed with jamon possession. “Next to Real Madrid, jamon is my favorite thing about Spain,” our piglet wheedled. Relenting, we let him trot across the street to the supermercado to purchase his leg of love.

Either hanging from the ceiling or sticking out of a grocery cart, there is nothing quite like a hoof to take the edge off. Like chickens hanging off the back of motorbike in China, this cultural quirk is part of the local charm. On past occasions, Thing 2 and I have seen gentlemen bagging their leftover leg and taking it into the store. We thought this was because they wanted to find the same kind of jamon and needed to compare hooves.

We were wrong.

The reason you take a ham bone back to the store is for the butcher to slice it into discs which one can then throw into a cocido or stew. It’s only taken me 15 months to figure that one out. We gave the big bone to the dog.

Next week Bananajo is flying in from Paris for Thanksgiving. Her husband, Sr. Bananajo, grew up in Madrid. Thing 2 has been jonesing for a new ham. This time I am insisting on a quality pata negra from the Museo de Jamon after a trek to the Plaza Mayor. After all, I have a discount card.

Finally, in an unrelated aside, we have given notice to our landlord to move. Too many bones to pick. It’s time to shake a leg ’cause this little piggy needs to go oui! oui! oui! all the way to a new home.

Question: Did I ham it up too much? I thought so but …. Jam on!

*Thing 1 was impressed with Gwynie’s Espanol featured in the last episode of Glee.



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14 responses to “Michael Jackson – Bringing Home the Bacon

  1. Expat. The things I love most about Spain (Madrid) in order are: (1) that you and yours are there, (2) the beautiful people who look like they just climbed out of a painting hanging on the wall at the Prado; and (3) jamon. I love jamon so much I have been trying to find a good substitute here, to no avail. No bones about it, Madrid has the best jamon!!!!

  2. Mood Ring Mama

    Great post! I love Thing 2’s passion for jamon. And I love that YOU could (as only you could!) work the King of Pop into this culture experience. JAM ON! (p.s., thank’s for the Urban Dictionary def – I had always wondered about that myself.)

  3. Me gustó! Je, je.
    Ahora tengo ganas de comer jamón

  4. Raftbuddy

    Most creative and bizarre segue in the history of Expat Princess and possibly the blogging world. Jam on, jamon!!!

  5. flaky friend

    So are you having jamon or turkey for Thanksgiving? Whatever it is have a great celebration. XOXO FF

  6. Virginia

    I was one of the first in my small Pennsylvania town to get the “Thriller” album in 1982. I was 13 at the time. I bought the album at the K-Mart. My friends came over to listen to the music and hold the album since it was a “prized” possession. I still love some of Michael Jackson’s songs. I also remember waiting with my Mom to watch the Thriller music video on MTV. I’m sure I missed the point of the post, but fun to remember MJ. BTW: went to the Target today and dropped a pretty penny. Thought of you.

    • Virginia: was there a point? I myself am unsure. I just like the interplay of the words and the silly juxtaposition. You would be dismayed at my last Target outing in August – all business, no fun. Thanks for sharing your story – I can actually visualize you down at the K-mart.

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