Post Script

Part of the American Way of Life

Literally, this is a post-post post script.

On Tuesday, I received a package from Maria the Dentist, sent from Brazil (muito obrigada!). There was no customs valuation on it, only a small form declaring in Portuguese that it contained soap. This package arrived at my door in 13 days (there is no indication of when it was received in Spain). Jacque O, a new friend, received on Monday, a pair of Fit Flop shoes, ordered from the United Kingdom. They took several weeks to arrive and came to her door. She paid no extra tax or duties.

What are we to make of this? Is Spain discriminating against the USA, postally speaking? There’s a good chance this is so. Neither Brazil nor the UK, like the US, are part of the European Union and yet their packages slide through like a kid in a water park. Hmmmm …. food for thought.

The US government has also declared peanut butter a “liquid” for postal purposes so those State Department employees living overseas can no longer receive care packages in a Jif. If you are living in Africa, this is almost reason enough to cut your assignment short and return to the land of crunchy and creamy.

Question: are you crunchy or creamy? What is your favorite brand of peanut butter?



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7 responses to “Post Script

  1. maria

    I am glad you received my package with no taxes …Woman at Correios gave 3 options:6/14 or 3o days..I got the 14 so it seems it worked quite well.Beijos

  2. flaky friend

    It depends on the day and what I am putting it on. Creamy for apples and celery; crunchy for toast.

    • FF: you crack me up! I had never thought about peanut butter that way. Thing 2 is only a creamy eater. I will be getting your Xmas package out to you soon, from Spain, before heading to Florida for the hols.

      • flaky friend

        oh good — does that mean I can send your package to Florida and avoid all that nonsense in Spain?

  3. Raftbuddy

    Adams Crunchy No-Stir!

  4. Mood Ring Mama

    I have been torn between the 2 for years — but I’ve never been able to explain why I wasn’t passionate about one versus the other. Flaky Friend has hit the nail on the head for me though; I like them both, for different uses, and they match up perfectly with her’s! Do you remember as a kid warming up a flour tortilla on the stove top and putting peanut butter on and then rolling up like a burrito?

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