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Call me a FOO’L (Friend of O’Leary). Mrs. O’Leary‘s sister, celebrity chef and party planner for the cognoscenti in the City of Angeles, Lulu Powers has her first (and, from the looks of it, there will be many) cookbook out, entitled “Lulu Powers Food to Flowers”. Really, it’s more like a party in a book than a cookbook. Her husband Stevie Danelian shot all the photos. She is the only Powers sister I have not met but, after seeing this promotional video, I feel like I have. In the video blurb, she speaks lovingly of her oldest sister, Mrs. O’L. Click here to watch: (Their hand movements are the same which sort of freaked me out. I am just wondering if they have the same rollicking laugh). Oldest sisters rock, don’t they? Don’t they??? My copy is in the mail but I will have to wait for an autograph. You in America can watch Lulu live on the Today Show, Monday, April 5.

Some One was listening to me …. Note the above flora from the garden. GRACIAS!



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22 responses to “Flower Powers

  1. MCV was Here

    Well, my oldest sister definitely does ROCK!

    • Hello, hello MK- I can hardly wait to meet you. I love reading your blog!!! I want everyone to be able to entertain……you don’t have to cook to be a great Host. Please check out my Today show appearance…..it has some great tips.

      I also want to show you my favorite page in the book……..”LULU’S ENTERTAINING CHEAT SHEET”
      /Users/lulupowers/Desktop/BOOK/Lulu Cheat Sheet.pdf

      Happy Spring!
      Beautiful in NYC today.
      Thanks MK!

      • Lulu, I watched it on YouTube! Congratulations on nerves of steel – they go well with the Chicklets and pretzels! You replied to my youngest sister’s comment, so obviously, you agree that oldest sister’s rock, don’t you? You come from a fine family of folks ready to party at the drop of a Red Sox hat. Hope your sales are through the roof already!

  2. susan oleary

    Thank you for the plug for Lulu’s book. I forgot that she is the only sister you have not met. She starts the rounds of book parties and signings next week. Should be busy. If any of your readers live in CT. I am having a book signing May 17th. I will get you a signed copy MK. Happy Easter to all.

  3. warrop

    Speaking of younger sisters having hand motions like their older sisters…….. we certainly have noticed that phenomenon lately here in Florida!!!!

  4. Gamamãe

    Very cool. Parabens to both sisters.

  5. flaky friend

    I am going to get that book – it looks great.

  6. Expat: You and your two sisters, (and your mother) don’t LOOK like you’re related until you start to talk. Then there’s absolutely NO QUESTION you’re related. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing! I am off to order the book!

  7. Mood Ring Mama

    In case you missed it this a.m., you can go to http://today.msnbc.msn.com/ and scroll down to the Home & Garden section.

    GO LULU! Can’t wait to buy a copy. 🙂

  8. Sarah P

    Just saw Lulu (12 hours later) and loved it! Can’t wait to get the book.

  9. expat princess

    Thanks, Mood Ring, for embedding the video tout! Us Expat Princesses have a hard time keeping up with US TV. BTW, Mrs. O’Leary gave me my first set of Table Topics and I have since bought other editions as gifts for others and for our own use – they are the bomb! Great idea to write on them and stick them in an apple as a place card holder, Lulu!!!!

  10. Well, guess older sisters do rock. Aren’t we all waiting for our younger sisters to take over? Hello Susan. The princess misses you. I like Lulu’s check sheet.

  11. That was Yes, older sisters do rock.

  12. MCV was Here

    So, what does it take to get a dedicated Birthday blog? I supposed I have to be the sister (Susan) of a person (LuLu) who writes a super fabulous book on entertaining. While you have an entertaining blog, it’s not a book about entertaining, so I guess I’ll just have to wait . . .

    • expat princess

      MCV was Here: Answer: a milestone birth year. However, hopefully, my own book will be entertaining and I will write a tribute to you in the acknowledgement section ….

  13. Smart Alec Ang

    Wow, you are right about the hand movements being the same! Susan was always such a wonderful cook and hostess when we were living in Brazil. It obviously runs in the family!!

  14. susan

    Thanks for all the koodos. Please send your info so we can catch up Smart Alec Ang.

  15. Julie Killian

    Love your blog! Think we should do a Madrid party and then you can meet Lulu!!! For the record, using the Table Topics for place cards was my idea!!! The best is that my kids love to do it too, even for very informal dinners!! Sorry we missed you on our short stop in Madrid but hopefully there will be a reason to come over soon–if that darn cloud goes away!!! My Connor, 16 10th grade, is doing a summer language immersion in Barcelona!!
    julie powers killian

    • JK: had lunch with Alicia From Galicia yesterday. Love the Table Topics – Susan gave them to me and I love to give them as gifts (try the Spiritual edition to really shake things up!). Hope to see you in CT first where I hope to get my own autographed copy. My mother is currently previewing the one I purchased and enjoying it! xoxoo

  16. I was going to do a blog on this myself. I like the book Lulu Powers a lot. What I liked especially was her approach. She has check lists which I need. She has fun things like name tags, and how to set the flowers out, how to think ahead which, is especially useful to me. She is a can do woman and she made me think I could be a can do woman too.

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