Read Between the Lines

Just your average scene at the supermercado ….

You tell me, which parking job is more egregrious? There is a clear winner here. In lieu of a Barcelona posting, in the works soon, I leave you to enjoy your North American parking experience. Periodically, I will be posting some of the more interesting situations. Now that I know how to upload from my iPhone.



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14 responses to “Read Between the Lines

  1. MCV was Here

    van wins for worst park job as the Mercedes is at the end of an aisle, so in theory, the other drivers have the aisle space to get around said Mercedes. Am I right? Do I win a prize?


  2. MCV: In theory, you are correct. However, the Mercedes delighted in flauting the law (there is in fact one regarding parking). Also, since you did not comment on last post, there is no prize (laughing very hard now).

  3. MCV was Here

    Not sure how taunting the readers is going to get any more readers. But proceed your way and we’ll see . . .

  4. 425Heidi

    You could start a new blog with just pictures of bad parking.

  5. 425: You are right! I think I will continue to post the most outrageous.

  6. Raftbuddy

    I vote for the Mercedes. My theory? Anyone in a minivan might have a reason for bad parking (kids screaming, spilled juice, etc.) Mercedes driver was doing the luxury car driver, “my car deserves extra space for protection” typical bad parking job.

  7. Tony Parker

    Pas moi!

  8. Ms Moto

    Like Brazil…lines and stop sign are only suggestions!

  9. expatprincess

    Ms. Moto: it is interesting what rules each country decides to obey and those it does not. I am trying to psychoanalyze my host countries this way!

  10. Lisa

    Expat: I do recall a parking job when we went to the supermarket to get some . .. well it probably invovled alcohol I don’t know .. anyhow there was a Mercedes or BMW parked precisely like the car on the left at which time you informed me of this phenomenon. You might have better food, but we have more considerate parkers.

  11. Lisa: today’s parking lot experience will be blogged about forthwith. It was exceptional. As was my hospital experience earlier in the week.

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