Hu Dat?

What’s up, pussy cat? Wao, a-wao, a wao???? The Year of the Hu is fast approaching – February 14- nicely coinciding with Valentine’s Day. Fireworks, pickled offal, and other treats will herald the beginning of a year when Tigers rule.

In our family, there are many tigers: Mr. Understanding, Thing 3, Radish, Bop, and Poppy. For sure, it makes for an interesting mix. Mr. U-hu, fits the tiger description to a “T”. Although he and President Obama share the same Leo ( double-happiness- tiger!) birthday, it is interesting to note that our president is an Ox. The Chinese would say it is in his nature to move slowly.

Speaking of other forms of geomancy, before Mr. Understanding and I were married, we took the Myer’s-Briggs personality test at our church. It was like peering into a crystal ball and told me a lot about my prospective mate. We married each other anyway. The pastor told Mr. Understanding that he should never, ever forget my birthday or our anniversary. Also, he informed him that I did not like repetition, in any form.

This little fact is absolutely true. I don’t like to listen to the same story, over and over, for example. It does not embue me with nostalgia – just massive irritation. Mr. Understanding has one story, involving a Mexican maid and a porkchop, that makes me apoplectic. Among other things, he gets most of the facts wrong, embellishes, and exaggerates for heightened drama. I am a facts girl. Just tell the damn story using the facts, please! In this particular story, I had to drive home from the Mexico City airport on the Periferico with an almost comatose husband, having only lived in Mexico City for three weeks. White-knuckle agony! I used to correct him throughout the story but eventually learned to walk away. (Per his personality, his repertoire is limited. He can’t help it – it’s hu he is.)

To this end, I do not watch TV reruns, reread books (I can count on one hand the number of books I’ve read twice), and rarely buy the same item again, such as perfume. I’ll try something new, thank you. The exceptions to this general rule are romantic comedies and Seinfeld episodes, since I missed most of them anyway living abroad.

As it was Groundhog Day recently and our two cats’ birthday (they were born on 2/2/2002), we all sat down to watch one of my favorite movies, Groundhog Day, starring the inimitable Bill Murray and multi-tressed Andie McDowell. Ironic, no? An entire movie about repetition. In my humble opinion, Harold Ramis, the director and one of the screenwriters, is a genius and Bill Murray’s comedic timing is unparalleled.

Before the movie, Thing 1 was a super-grump and needed a break from studying, Mr. Understanding was under the weather with a cough, the other Things needed a time out from bickering; I needed an opportunity to work on one of my resolutions. After the movie, well, it was a whole different ball game: laughter is the best medicine, restorative, healing.

The next day the Saints came marching in and Who Dat? Nation celebrated in the Superdome. If New Orleans can make a Katrina comeback, I am hopeful Haiti will rise from the ashes and be better than ever. Last year was not Tiger Woods’ year but perhaps he is really a Snake; I am guessing that, for him, this year will be pretty quiet.

For me, all I am hoping CNY and February 14 will herald is a box of Belgian chocolates. Mr. Understanding doesn’t need to read my horoscope to figure that one out. Oh, and I hope there are fireworks:).

To read more about the astrological powerhouses of the Chinese zodiac, click here:

*Photo courtesy of Princess Ai Lin, from one her Harbin Tiger Reserve tours. She rocks, doesn’t she???? We had our Vonage bookclub on “The Help” on Sunday. She brought up the very good point that understanding the language had a huge impact on the maid/princess relationship. Ignorance is sometimes bliss.



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14 responses to “Hu Dat?

  1. Mood Ring Mama

    Great post. You forgot to mention your Tiger past at AHS – you were a Tiger Princess, now evolved into an Expat Princess. Anyhu, I love how you weaved this all together, and I would 100% agree – Bill Murray’s comedic timing IS indeed unparalled in Groundhog’s Day.

    P.S. – I love the way Mr. U tells the pork chop story, and I could stand to hear it again. I’ll make sure to request story time on the 4th.

    P.P.S – Happy for the Saints and Brees. GREAT Superbowl!

  2. Princess Ai Lin

    wish we had time to swing by madrid next week, but alas will have to wait for another time. XOXO happy Year of the Tiger! POW!

  3. flaky friend

    Kevin used to try to analyze me using Meyers-Briggs; I’m not sure he would have married me had we taken the test pre-nup. Instead, we had to do an Engaged Encounter weekend. Yikes. Great Post.

    • Um, there is a section on the M-B about gifts, if I remember correctly. (It showed that I liked them.) I am surprised Kevin has forgotten this point. Perhaps you might want your church to use the M-B to supplement the Encounter?

  4. Raftbuddy

    I chuckled out loud while reading this because we are similar and our spouses are so similar in the repetition/non-repetition sphere. Hubby asked me why I was laughing so I read him your blog. He said, “That’s why I like him so much!” (about Mr. U)

    As my own special version of repetition hell, Hubby’s favorite movie of all time is “Groundhog’s Day” and he watches it EVERY time he finds it on tv (no matter where it is in the story line- he rarely watches it from start to finish since he just happens upon it while flipping channels wildly). I loved it the first few times, now it is like my personal pork chop story (by the way, Hubby would LOVE to hear the pork chop story).

    • Mr. U’s movie – my version of repetition hell – is “Predator”. He does the exact same thing as your Hubby and it makes my skin crawl. Predator? I mean, really. I only watch Groundhog Day about once every 5 years. The pork chop story is officially retired. “Carnaval in Rio” is next in line for retirement.

  5. MCV was Here

    xoxoxox — no badgering please. will write more tomorrow. BTW: if you haven’t you must read Jen Lancaster’s latest post to her blog. You two must have been separated at birth.

  6. maria

    Thanks for reminding “The Tiger”.Like Mr.U ,we both are lion and tiger….
    Explain me why ‘carnaval in Rio’ is about to retire?

  7. MCV was Here

    As you won’t be on Facebook during Lent, I know you’ll have oodles more time to blog. So we, your loyal readers, expect a minimum of 2 new blog posts per week until Easter. Get on it!

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